Disgust in Disguise

Tue, 01/05/2021 - 21:43 -- mIeNlFP

Disgust is in disguise.

In the world's crust, it hides.

But it’s all on us, we normalize.

We adapt to pain to make chains.

And no change.

It makes me rage to see too much!

To know I will cut into eggshells if I even spill a truth.

But I can feel that pain before the touch.

Most won’t know because they spin the proof.

We listen to the familiar because it’s easy to trust.

We do it out of fear

We wait for our leaders to kill us.

The abuse isn’t even near.

It’s here.

How many times must we be badly silent?

How many times can my silent scream?

My sanity is long gone into their greedy hands so I’m disturbed and they say violent.

My gut is more wiser so I know soon it does not need a disguise it seems.

I watched the abuse over more than a thousand times.

They kill everything that they hate, they kill everything good for even their sake.

We can’t sit here and forgive these crimes.

We act all self-righteous destroying the weak, but can’t call out the fakes.

The future tells the outcomes of truths but all the secrets are done.

We're dying because selfishness is where we get our profits and greed it our stablist system.

Nobody cares about you until it's them, we don’t care for each other so we stay numb.

Yes now their people are dying but they don’t really care, and why would they care, don’t look at me like I have the freedom to care, apathy is everywhere.

It's all for one until we all die then all that is none is done.

We all love to laugh until the last one is you.

So laugh your last,

Who said survival of the fittest if there's no one who witnesses.

Violence won’t help when everyone is alone.

Peace won’t help when everyone is alone.

Why aren't we together are we waiting for the earth not to be our home.

We have closed opinions to keep us lonely but safe.

We have no empathy because seeing eye to eye is not our place.

We close our eyes because dreams are close to the fantasies we want to escape.

Stop this freedom talk because it’s never implied for the ones who do look like me.

It may not imply for the ones who are not you.

We put your papers before we the people you see.

If I said freedom comes from a piece of paper you will forget free will and it’s true.

Of course, if I tell you to go attack you troll then you will follow.

A troll doesn’t become anything but a joke.

If I told you to kill them with your life with one pill then you will swallow.

It's all games and abuse on others until your next to choke.

It's too easy to be evil because we need no logic.

We can become so primitive when were in our cruelest when give reason to hate someone.

That's why living in the past is lazy and but thinking of our future makes me neurotic.

My favorite thing to do is waiting to watch the future consequence coming down on everyone.

There is a disturbance I can only see once it killed my pure eyes.

This world's acceptance of corruption I despise.

The cycle of abuse never lies.

The disgust is not even in disguise.


This poem is about: 
My country
Our world


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