Welcome to High School

Judge and be judge.

Welcome to high school, where this rule won’t budge.

We all try to be that one-in-a-million;

Well good luck, in this world of four fucking BILLION.

Everywhere I go I feel like I’m on a freaking parole;

I play the part and let everyone think that I’m happy being me.

And that makes me angry – like I want to lose control,

Really just wishing that no one can see.

That I can barely keep me together,

Barely keep me from falling apart.

It would all take just a feather,

For it all to leave a hole in my heart.

Is it not a tragedy? That my originality,

Pushes me towards insanity.



I can relate. Nice work :) I really liked the line about tradegedy and your originality pushes you toward insanity. 

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