It was him
The man I always feared
The man I held dear
He was there
Among the shadows
Among my soul
His message written 
In my flesh and bones
He taught me how to write
To hold a bloody knife
His shadow
It taught me fear
Fear taught me
It showed me
Pain was always mine to endure
We made these scars
We wrote them into our bones
We bleed them from our flesh
She taught me
She taught me to heal
This wonder
This girl
She taught me love
She showed me light
Now I embrace
With no more cold nights
We are no longer alone
I am no longer alone
This shadow will be known
His shadow 
Will one day fear the light
For I have
Seen hope take flight
It was him
It is him
The shadow
The shadow brought to light
I have
I have taught myself
I have taught myself to heal
These scars do not define me
They only make me heal


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