Missing You

How ironic it is,

I remember the sight of you,

I hear the timbres of your voice.

I’ve known you,

For a long while.


How ironic it is,

That life gave you to me,

Before snatching you away.



You’ve vanished.

Like a smoke swirl amongst a dark winter’s night.

Blending in,


Nowhere are you,

Seen nor heard.

Deep down,

I hurt with a pain,

So great that if released,

I’ll be consumed.


A smile which was like a breeze on a hot summer’s day,

Now suffocates my lungs with memories,

Crashing down, down, down.

Spilling into my heart,

Building pressure against it’s now fragile walls,

Chipping it bit by bit,

Shattering the glass so slowly. 

I feel like this will never end.


I hurt so much,

I push the thought of you away,

Down, down, down.

You’re so deep inside me,

That you’ll never come out.

You’ve been embedded.

I can never truly forget you,

No matter how I try.


No matter how hard I try,

I can never stop missing you.


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