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I DON’T INDULGE In Black Ways Or INDULGE In... White Ways... I Just TRY TO Maintain Doing Things The RIGHT Way... !!! But Let Me Make PLAIN What It Is That I’m Saying... !!! What's RIGHT FOR ME Is RIGHT FOR... ME... !!!!!
I've thrown away everything. I think about my decisions, the tears they sting. Wondering what tomorrow will bring; Just another sad song for me to sing. Just another attempt to conquer this thing.
sometimes the sign you have been looking for is bright and fluourescent  invading the stormy blue sky sometimes its just a whisper in your ear soft and subtle like the brush of a butterfly wing
She stared into the sky above her with a fire in her eyes Days, weeks, months had passed since that day After hours sat by a window watching the rain floating heavy to the ground
I begged you for forgiveness But you sat on your throne a laughed I know you gave me my time with him like I asked you too You gave me his love so you could watch me As you took it all away from me forever
I Now Use PRECISION When Making ... " Decisions " ... Thus AVOIDING Collisions With Places Like ... " Prison " ... !!! My Form of Conviction Informs My Decisions ... I Sit Back And Listen To Those Who Spread WISDOM ...
Teetering on the edge, knuckles white Mind racing, why am I here? spiraling What can I hold? Or what can hold me? How can it all somehow turn out right?
Healthy,                                                                    Skeletal.  Strong,                                                                     Collapse.  Recover,
There were those who lit candles a fine method, if the room you’re illuminating has something inside worth seeing. The families in line pictured great dinners
Until I was fourteen I felt fine-- Good, great, and better than I ever knew I could feel because in the moment,
I could no longer order off a kid’s menu at a sea resort Now that I was ten It seemed almost tragic then To have my childhood cut short Never to be seen again.
Pressure, Pressure is what looms over me. Growing up with sense and some type of task, Forced to be the best I can be. School covers the face of stress with a mask.
School. Absolutely not. "GO" I heard Him say So Large Too Large "GO" Lonely brain in an extroverted body "GO"  I went. Wait... She likes the same things as me?
Looming. Ahead I plod. I can’t see what the future holds. Fear creeps in. Envelops and smothers me like smog. Lead me! Hold my hand! I am afraid! Deep Breath. One foot ahead of the other.
Perspective makes us active that´s what outlooks does to you isn´t that true obviously  you don´t have a clue well now I argue life is too short to just always think and sink into
Feeding on the images in my own contemplation, mental orgasms leading to sinfully sensual stimulation. As your body calls, my body urges, caught up in temptation, as the storm surges, so ready to release and splurge.
Ever changing years, Always surrounded by peers, Now, time to switch gears.
My fears are slowly fading, cascading, 
Image by Belinda Capol   I am terrified that one day I will wake up and you will be gone. it will all be a dream and she’ll be there, her hair tied up staring at a screen
She paints the ocean Washed and faded memories Hiding a child's laughter in the bubbles of sea foam Happier times float longingly In her heavy, tired brushstrokes The reflection of a young sun, 
Dear Poetry, Do you see? There she goes that innocent girl, a rule follower and honest to a fault,
Decisions to make my future is here but how can you know what's true and dear   Spinning in circles my minds in a jam how would I know what's the correct game plan  
It follows us, mockingly Ever remembering Persistent, a most ruinous companion It’s funny, isn’t it? Our past And this little game we play
Two strangers are in line on a perfect day with a clear blue sky, One of them watches something beautiful looking towards the ground as it goes on by, Then he feels her turn around as she begins to realize,
Love misinterpreted. Words of a trickster, with the gift to gab and lips that lie.   Love misinterpreted. Absence in their actions, no care in the world and only tears given to cry.  
Dear Betrayer, Sometimes I sit around and think About how everyone has a focus One day I could just fly away And my loved ones wouldn’t even notice   Or maybe they would start to see
Dear high school, Why do you waste my time? Why do you teach me junk? I won't use math when I'm thirty, No one will care if I flunk.   Dear teachers, Your tangents are pointless,
Today is big But then again Our love is big My dear do you feel it? Did you have trouble sleeping Last night like I did? Did you feel it this morning When you woke up? How big today is-
The bright light flashes in my eyes. I was strip down naked, about to live this kind of life. I posed for the man behind the camera-   I let down my hair, I was nervous and cold-
365 days ago the roof over my head was secure, paid for with my own money.  365 days ago I had 1 tiny window in a basement and I felt great pride because  365 days before that I was on the verge of homelessness. 
for Sofia   Last night you came over Slept over On a school night The next morning We walked in hand in hand And I got looks from my friends
Everything I felt came rushing back. It was like suicide. My thoughts hung me. My emotions shot me. My fears cut me. My imperfections were an overdose.
My vessel has been anchored, attacked, and conquered Leaving the pieces shattered and somber Stranded within a dynamic society My lifeless bones still dance with gaiety   Misguided, unrequited, i have lost my light And here i lie undecided if sink
 Imagine a life where no one succeeded  A life where you depended on someone for everything you needed A life where no one dared to dream 
So this is it, huh? Every morning I repeat the same old tired routine.But there's supposed to be more for me, I know there is.Your 20's isn't your regular old 20's anymore.I remember being a kid when my sisters were in their early 20'sI thought th
I am often knocked down by the gazes of the haters, back biters, the bullies, the witty, and the other fool phonies. Then when life got better for me. I’ve tasted glory  They all know my story
I opened a book..Of which had no title..Took a second look.. andAwakened a mind that was idle..
Congratulation, You graduated. Now to begin the rest of your life. Now I need you to sign away the next 4 years, To more schooling, And growing debt.
I followed his summer hues into a thick forest that left my wide eyes blind, I never knew beauty like these evergreen trees, I saw the sun dance on their dark leaves teaching their full veins one more thing: how to glow
Hello? Open your eyes Do you not see how talented you are? God-gifted and yet  you still fuck up this far? Open your mind Do you not see that you have this thing called  P O T E N T I A L 
I swear i'll love this town, if only I can look at it from my cars rear view mirrior. This Town destroyed me. I would destroy myself , to become your idea of perfection. Yes, yes, yes
This Year by Gaby L. This year?
I'm not the me I used to be And this is not good news Top of my class to barely making a C I have the college blues   I'm not the daughter I used to be I used to make them proud
Have you ever heard of the paths often traveled or less traveled by You probably did For the observer, the path he or she takes is either filled with regrets or success
My Future  
You would think people in college have a passion, Spending time and money, you feel destined I pursued and graduated with a BA in fashion, But alas, my motivation has all but lessen.  
To dream or not to dream; that is the question. Would it be best to live the life of a puppet, studying hard, following rules, doing everything based on a schedule,
Three, two, one... I dive straight in, and I hear the commotion and clouds of confetti, I come up in a new year.   Seat belt, please - Anxiety, nervousness,
I woke up on the the first of January, single, but what else was new? Then I realized that 2016 was the last of a few; years called high school that everyone loves to remember,
I've been blind I've been blinded I've been so blind that I can't see the signs  I don't notice the signals  I don't know what you want Hell I don't even know what I want 
This rose-colored light was not installed by my hand yet I followed it because it was the only light Till I decided I wanted my own bulb Dim at first it grew brighter with each day Fear held my hands in chains
A unique coral reef called The Streets. Rapid shuffling of feet and millions of heart beats.  unusual things can be seen  similar to objects found within Grand Theft Auto cheats.
be yourselfbe a kidlike I didbe your own personbut did I mentionthese sidelinesguidelinesto abide by
I can't make a decision, without my parents telling me I'm Wrong. I've almost lost my best friend over a boy. I'm Confused. Who am I anymore? I'm  Lost.
It seemed as if all the words that were never there came rushing into me like a breath of fresh air.   The stale state I had lived in day after day
Blue eyes staring intently through/ I stare back at you/ I know your love is pure and true/ So corrupt without a care/
eenie meanie minnie mo  here are my problems   watch them grow   a penny for a spool of thread  when you've not a needle  that's the way a life goes  bound to moneys evil 
My bones hang loose. Shaking unconsciously With no rhythmic tune. There’s gravel in your eyes. Was that from when I Tried to run away? Did I spew up the ground when you Said it's too late? Now you're begging me to
The Irrelevance of time, the impermanence of this moment,  the intricacies of connecting, the impatience in waiting, the incessant need in acquiring, the anxiety of whats to come,
In life there are many decisions All of which you have a choice in Right now I face two decisions Let him go or pull him in closer Convert my religion in hopes of being with him
I pieced all the evidence together and found that I, most likely, came from a ripped up piece of latex, one snowy summer night in a cabin down in New Mexico. Yet, though I came from broken things and with unexpected news,
Princess Cara and Sir Arthur Approached a fork in the path. She jumped from her stallion,
Should I feel guilty for his own decision? Though I know the feeling comes from my confession that the One who wants what's best is the one who suggested Such a change that he may not know
The wind whispers to her On which way to go Just follow your heart And the right path will show She finds herself in a thicket patch Cant go forward and can't go back
Fire is my force I am in beautiful Anguish Darling, my whole heart loves you   Garden flowers die But not those who lie sacred
True half true the words I have said to you; Lovely unpolished disgorged of the past And the life from genuineness I drew, Driving sane my madness, hoping for the last.   Apologies sincere with contentment.
I'm afraid of the fall, not the ground. I'm used to being on the ground, hitting the ground.
Oh what I'd give To know what I want, What I'd do  To become Myself.  
I don't really feel like writing today. I'd rather be naked on the ground, head-to-toe exposed, so I could really think and hear the pines rustle. I would bury my sadness in a funeral mound
Fucking up is just a habit of mine. But it's my life and not for you to decide. Because in the end we all just die. But I don't want live to die.  I want to live to live. That's the meaning of being alive.
I wasn't able to believe exactly what I was looking at.
The path. What path? Which do you choose? What if you change your mind? Where do you go from there? The never-ending road to death. Mysterious, exciting,terrifying. Copious ways to fail.
Do you know that moment Where your life seems To be spent On stupid stuff like dreams? Lies and betrayal all about The earth as it spins Its enough to make you shout Because you can't win
I've made too many mistakes. I'm afraid if I make one more, It'll be my undoing.  
  The fight for intellect is strong and stern. This race by fire will remove those unworthy, and burn Away the bits of them that give them what they need;
Life hasn't been seen At the age of sixteen. Yet decisions must be made Before the choices can be weighed.
I have become decided, That I will walk down this path. You may say what you will, But this is where I shall go.   I will work and strive, To prove that I am real.
weird thing about astrology signs is that some people say they don't matter
Fingertips slide across my lips, And joy floods to my soul. Blood rushes to my skin,  I blush away,  I feel the sin. Why on earth am I this way? Yearning and burning 
A simple no  Can mean life or death A simple yes  Can make a flower sprout or an old man fall   Is it red ? or is it blue? The decisions essential for life These decisions 
I don't know about the consciousness of others, But mine always wonders About decisions I've made And decisions I have yet to make. I wonder if I made the right choice,
It’s supposed to be amazing Everyone telling you how proud they are and how much they love you How glad they are that you made it through that hell called high school But all you’re doing is waiting
All this time I have been looking For what I wanted to do it took me Up to this point to figure it out Beyond every eureka and doubt Hold on a sec, I think I've got it Until, oh no, I just forgot it
Baby Girl!! What are you doing?!! Do you care about your life? Being a mother isn't easy Being a single mother is harder Being a single, young mother is damn near impossible.
you were nothing more than lust
I have a poem that one day We can stand side by side Marching forward to the lands of the future That we lift up spirits instead of breaking them
Im addicted to Truth.......
 Life is like winning a lottery ticket There's excitement, joy, thanks  You're so pleased with yourself  That you accomplish something new.  But then you hit a stop sign 
A glass set before me;
  I will simply ask Would you like to go out in a hush Or a splat?   Do you want to be known For jumping of the highest tower in Rome? Or would you like to be whispered
I promise to always give you me...the real me. I Hope yu See that I'm Different, & that you don't See me as a Bad Investment.  Boys will break your heart but  A man will pick up the pieces.
As i walk down this long hall way
It's the feeling of loneliness, all it is.
her beautiful eyes can make you forget your troubles
The last rays of Day slowly vanish As I lay on the dirt
It is with an overabudance that I flow, into your being. Soft smiles, an softer hands, catch up all m wonder at you and collect under that wisome chin to pool in the space betwe the smooth skn of you collaring bones.
I am a shirt torn and worn out like taking a pile of gold and throwing it on the ground. What's the use of reaching down don't give yourslf a hard time it will fall-your crown
Hold me close, my love. Dry my tears with your fingertips as they trail down my cheeks. Kiss me with your soft and gentle lips, as the warmth of sunset carreses our faces.
As we drift our souls into one,
This is the day when I lost all I had, The day when my world fell apart. The only thing left was the sliver of light, 
  Window to the Past    Split, Splat, Pitter, Pat Behind the window, I see the rain, I am distant, I feel no pain. Its better this way, I’m made of stone
Why? why did he leave me? I ask this question almost everyday He broke up with me without even saying it was over He just stopped calling and didn't want to talk
Primitive light envelopes the birch logs in heliotrope.  Autumn leaves adopt an auburn glint.  Crouched moon in the southern sky.    This is the place astronomers call Shattering dawn -   
I Hold In My Hands A Life Worth LIving And A Tale Worth Sharing Yet As I Look Around I See Many People Taking It For Granted
He tells me he can’t hear me when I say 
It is hard to accept failure a lack of success omission of performance a massive regress
My life has been filled with the hushed sound of the ocean
Maybe I messed up a long time ago Maybe I shouldn't have just went with the flowBecause when I did, I still held on to pain.No matter how hard I try to ignore it, it kept coming like rain.
Born in coffin gotta build my life up, Soul ingrates in a tumb stone  night love, jabbs to a soldier face on a war ground fight club,had a mooky moment gave em light love,
Kiss me Set me on fire Kill me Will my deepest desires Thirst me Drink me up and leave me dry Curse me Lead me on with every lie Want me Love making me want you more
like the ocean waves flowing crashing like the summer sun shinning burning no, it's stronger growing destroying I feel it in my heart pulsing breaking
A guy so powerful he threw me off the grid. My world stood still. I was left in shock. Who knew that he was so powerful? Someone who wasn't even mine.  
I think that If I were a bird I would be an eagle Flying high True meaning of Freedom   I think that If you looked up And squinted your eyes Against the sun’s glare
I am a silver minnowI hover then dart resolutelytowards nothing in particularSuch violent, sharp-edged (e)motiononly to float silently once moresuspended in a muted hourAnticipating the next thrash
Let me tell the tale of a frail child,
Who am I? And what do I stand for? A million different things I can’t bear to name My life is such a silly fucking game My peers thirst for fame I’m not the same I see
There is Something here Unseen.   It caresses us With small Painted Pained Hands.   It looks at us With dark Deep Beating Eyes.  
It began with a kiss of lovegraduated to nine months ofmixed feelings which endedin hours of horrible pains andregrets.In the sight of your babe came a
I may not be her first her last or her only.she may adore again however she cherishes me now and thats what matters. She may not be immaculate however not, one or the other am I will clutch her and  provide for her the most that I can.
Death is not a beautiful thing.           It's terrifying.           Just the though of it makes my heart quicken.            What lies beyond, deep into the abyss.
Just as the morning dew Shakes me awake I feel my heart skip a beat Ache, shake, break My heart is broke No more left to give My mind is broken What's left to live
I stop to wonder,
Which road should I take? Which road should I go?
Should I stay, Should I go, Should I pray, Even for a foe? Should I walk, Should I run, Should I talk, Show my ideas a little sun? Should I stand tall, Should I crumble and weep,
in your mind you stand alone with the white walls and floor that never seem to end. step. nothing. step. nothing. step. something. stop. the floor rumbles as it spreads
Which road to take? They both lead in different directions Left? or Right? They twist and turn along the barren ground Which would be better? Pebbles and stones decorate the sandy paths Up? or Down?
Strutting on their runways The fame calls to them A corporeal god they hail from the quays The celebrities leed all astray with their gluttonous ways   If somehow people could see
I could write on how I would change the world, the races, or the interactions between every human being. But to many readers, this would be unreal. I could write on how I would like to change my future, my style, my face.
STOP. Stop doing what everyone thinks is cool. Do you... Don't make fool.
i just snuck into a smoke shop 
I can romanticize anything   Books, jobs, boys Toys! This list is endless.   I am a clear romantic at heart I can spin a tale and have that tale Be invigorating, special, fun, exciting
I've known the world surround meand I've watched with tear-filled eyes.As all the broken peoplesend their Prayers up to the Skies.
There are moments where we might wonder about our after-life, As we may see some of our experiences of life fly by.   Everything is so detailed to have a simple end. Just look at the night sky and how it extends.
Are you afraid, are you left cold By the thought of our parting, The final separation On that lonely day Somewhere in the distance, The unknowable future that Folds the Now and the Then
Beyond the exterior roars confusion A rhapsody of complete destruction When a heart and head fight There’s no fair end in sight
Emotions explode in a definite roar Pushing rational thoughts away Logic shatters across the marble floor Leaving nothing but cities of gray   Now as I gaze into the open door
Missiles of mistrust and combating reality, 
They say you can't do it, your brain isn't right. She just looks at them and smiles with her bright innocent eyes. They say you don't have what it takes, you can't be normal.
New vs. Old   A worn out bible, Bought from a drug store in the middle of nowhere.
How do you know what to choose From all the options thrown at you? Where do you want to go? What do you want to do? It's all up to you.   For everything that you're worth,
I get in trouble for giving money to a homelss. I get in trouble for donating blood. Have I made the wrong decisions? I do this out of the goodness of my heart, not to receive anything in return.
How can I learn to trust that you'll be there If I need you when I'm hurt or betrayed or scared, When most of your species only turns a blind eye To what goes on in this place, like it's sanctified.
A earthquake erupts throughout my hands. The rain               falling through the                                                 distance
You can't take a stand in your room I won't care to stand to hear you Your suppose to be a leader, a role model a teacher. Not an insecure, naive, believer.
I thought that I was normalThe average teenagerWho stressed about the futureThat loomed on my horizonAnd watched Pixar moviesAnd had nerf gun warsBecause adulthood was waitingTo snatch my childhood up
Hey, raised my hand. Yet again not seen. Here! Taking attendance but not yet remeberd. Student in the front row Teacher treats her like a queen. Not asking for much. Its really quite simple.
I am driving without gas and without a destination. On a track without interpretation. Seemingly moving forward striped of imagination. I look ahead and see nothing to my devastation.
Today we're going to learn about life We're not learning the y and x axis But to sign by the x for taxes Lets not talk about literary devices
As a teenager, we are taught to be an adult. But what is really an adult? They teach us about the Government, but nothing on how to do things after highschool.
Would you rather be in love OR would you rather be alone and heartbroken forever?   Would you rather learn and make your future successful OR would you rather have no future?
That rush you dread as life crashes towards you, Barreling through with unspoken emotions. Guilt, remorse, and weariness threads a shadow, A fifty-foot tower right over you.  
The desires overwhelm us, As we look into the darkness. Even though we want to tread forward, Life pushes us back, Telling tales of reality and fear.   Fear tell us of the problems,
You teach of tolerance, But you know not what you say. One false word From lips wishing to express What it means to be free Sends missiles raining Upon the heart That only wished for
I got my report car yesterday and like any teen my age,  I went on my twitter page, saw a bit of rage, expressions of a bitter day, but as I go to type my tweet, I don't know what to say.
I understand that I am part of a system. A winding, long, twisting system, Filled with loop holes of all kinds.   I am summarized by 2 little numbers, And a combination of 5 letters,
education its part of a nation its where you make your best creations where you learn your best aggrivations     
I see you lookin at me I know you think i can't achieve But what you can't do is bellieve You need to start lookin deep   I may fall asleep But I am trying and applying
What if the canyons that ran on our hands Were scars from the crusades we never fought? And due to the restraints of our commands We never dared explore what we ought not.  
The Mockery Students file out of buses in the morning, Into a web of quota. Curricula goals created not by the educators, But by the State.   The System With admin lurking,
My breath sighs and wakes the dust sleeping still and silent on the rough leather covering pages of my brain. EYES SWOLLEN and overflowing with stars, I begin to gnaw my pencil.
Thoughts run rapid inside my head filled with words that I never said So here's my chance to finally show what I believe our system should know The best example of course is me
School life has become a social endeavour: walking through the halls more focused on friends than studying and in the end, fretting about getting through, and around people to our next class. 
The only thing People ever seem to Talk to me about Is college.   Where do you want to go? What do you want to major in?
We all make themSome are without thoughtSome harder than othersSome hold onto us and grant sleepless nightsEven after they are made we struggle with their impact
I woke up 30 minutes past eight, And School starts at nine. I know that I will be late, So I give up trying to be on time.   I walk into the class ten minutes after the bell
  In the spring The flowers all bloom In wonderful colors, Like last year.   In the summer I think about the endless Days and the best of friends, Like last year.  
These veins will no longer drip rust. I will scream loud and high-pitched And I will be recognized. I will force them to hear me and I hope my anger will disgust them and my eyes
you stare down at me with those pretentious eyes   best, you want better I can feel my self-esteem d r o p p i n g like ink from a quill
  Teachers are the brains of this society Basking in education, nearly causing themselves to solidify Just to extend their brains to teach others how to qualify
When I look around I see conformity. We try to be the same to maintain a sense of normalcy but it just constricts our voices. The world is closing in around us,
I'm lost in this world alone. I don't know who I am. Where do i belong? Do I belong in this world? Is my past and present leading to a good future? I really need to find my way! Was I meant to be here?
 Typical dork Sneaky,geeky Tutor, poet, plays chess Inside a normal teenager Misunderstood
Lyrics so enchanting I tremble Beat so good I shake it My brain My thoughts Coincide With my withdrawals Especially if I have the withal Or the guts Or the truth Or the tenacity
I can't always realize when I'm wrong. I feel alive when the air brushes past. The wind whistling in my ear like a song. Telling me the time is over, the die is cast.
       History is in the making.  As a matter fact it's very similar to baking. A little salt for the flavor and biter root for the haters. Then add some sugar to the mix and you have the beginning of a flick.
What shall become of the worldAs our finger around the trigger is curledAs people continue to fight their brothersDestruction is the answer to win all the powersBut what is power when no one is left
There is no title to this poem. There is no pattern to my rhymes. This is simply a way To talk about new times.   This can mean a few things. New can be filled with sorrow,
Trapped in the web of decisions made, I miss feeling free. Free from the world and it's ensnaring situations, they deceive me constantly. I know I am capable of greatness, however,
You are my best friend, a great brother, a great person. I look up to you, my hero. What happens if you come back and you don't care about me the same?
Standing, At the threshold of the rest of our lives.
I'm standing at a crossroads, not sure which route to take. Should i take the right road, of which so few chose. Or should i take the other, and live a life I cannot make.
I’m trying to find something to base my life upon,Something in this strange world that goes on and on. As the years go by and time fades away, What were considered the good days are now filled with dismay.
There she sat, trying to find her way. To the left, sky blue To the right, dark gray.   Turn and move in the direction you face. These are the rules Choose, with great haste.  
Your body's getting cold, your lips are turning blue. why did you do it? you're the only one who knew, I see the earth below like the pillow on your bed, no ropes no guns you overdose instead.
Your body's getting cold, your lips are turning blue. why did you do it? you're the only one who knew, I see the earth below like the pillow on your bed, no ropes no guns you overdose instead.
Dull and lacking in importance All roads lead to Rome, but where is this taking me? Options everywhere, but no choices No answer to solve problems that don’t have solutions. Every answer is right, except a few
There's never a tomorrow until we choose to fall asleepif we seal the fate with this knife then the death will peakthe blood spills with every second wastedsitting here crying why hath death hasted
Did you know that the backwords spelling of the word saggin  is the word niggas? Well, isn't that something. It's a bit ironic because the world has embraced both terms with open arms like a mother
Take me out to play Take me out to write Do not delay I am in the lime light My words dripped down In my genes it does rain I am a writer in this town Words I have slain
  When the world is spinning A bit too fast And as much as you try Your heart’s path comes last And you remember the days Of trying so hard to try To follow those dreams
When will the world change? When its too late and we"re all outside of the gate. We're so easy to judge so easy to fight instead of trying to change a wrong to a right.Theres people living in riches while others are living under bridges.
It's been almost a year, Lying alone in bed, Yearning for him to be by my side again. Last summer we spent sleepless nights, Caring for each other each and every night. When he was sick I sang him to sleep,
    I  just want  to learn to open my mind And absorb whats inside  so tonight  I lie With a deep thriving drive To explore and expand what 's mines Before the cage bird dies
LIFE is a canvas your CHOICES are your paintbrushes your EXPERIENCES are your brushstrokes your parents and mentors give you tools and society pencils in guidelines
  Momma said "boy be a doctor to take care of my problems when I'm old."
 Momma said "boy be a lawyer to take care of the problems of the Unrepresented and the poor"

I don’t know where I’m going, but how I get there’s up to me I give myself extra time for things I need to complete I still search for my four-leaf clover in a field of threes
There are people who Have lived in sin From the day they could stand It's been in high demand For them to screw up For them to fall down To please the crowd of the souless and the heartless
"Seven years," was my mantra when I first moved. I don't belong here, and now it's too late to belong there    and I find these havens, in      sanctuaries and trees and basement rooms  
The days are hard, the nights are long, the test is truely, an attempt to stay strong.   When a family attacks, the weakest will fall, in this test of strength, can she beat them all?
Every time we walk, there’s a way in which we go. Far or close, we are moving from a point. Left or right there’s a direction that we choose. This leads us to an end in which we cannot be excused.  
Seasons come and go Sceneries change over time Nothing stays the same A change in time, a change in place A change in jobs, a change in pace Change your style or change your friends
I need a smile on my face, a shot to chase was wearing a crown, but now its fallen down a bad choice for one day, changed my life forever and always. Yes it took two, but it only takes one to be smart
(poems go here) Walking down the road, Deciding where to go… This will change my life FOREVER.
People here, people there. People people everywhere. People talking nonstop now, Leaving me out in the crowd. People that are afraid to speak They're like me and feel so weak.
What's worse? To find true love But not be able to hold him, Kiss him, or cry in his arms? Or to know a love only half As wonderful, half as true, And half as alive...
She's stuck. Stuck right in the middle of the bridge, No longer a child, Playing with dolls and living carefree, Not having to think for herself because she's just told what to do, She takes a few steps forward.
So many different thoughts go running through my mind, I'm on my way to college, a roomy I must find. Senior year is flying by, still so much to do, Disney, Prom, Graduation, just to name a few.
Not enough to compete with the elite. You are Not a failure Not a success Not a competition Barely Above par Above standard Above ordinary
No glance or furtive peek needed, I already know. They are me, all respiring to one united beat and breath--and we’ll die together at death.
I don't know where I'm going and I don't know where to start. I've been through a lot with strain on my heart.
Two roads diverged in a yellow wood, but forward the light brigade? Seems odd for soldiers to fight in war When generals see their choices made.
I am expendable. And I absolutely will not believe that I can do great things. I understand this may be a surprise, but “Have faith in your abilities” Was a lie, and “I’ll never figure it out”
I have 98 days until I’m gone Gone from friends, gone from family, gone from home I have 98 days to get ready Deadlines, clothes, jobs, money I have 98 days to think Am I ready ? Or am I not? Can’t it just wait?
When you know you don't wanna give up, You hold on tighter. When you don't wanna give up, You wonder if what you're going through is worth it. When you don't wanna give up, You become blind.
Have you ever felt like running till you couldn’t run anymoreJust grabbing a bag and jetting out the doorBeing free and running wild with the windBeing a part of something that will never end
Coach “Coach I want to play soccer” No you’re playing golf The scholarships will give you a better shot “Okay”
*Down a dusty road he walked, his feet were always bare. No one passing with him talked, not a soul did care. None could fathom what he sought, or even wonder why.
She looks his way, A small, gentle smile on her face. A big, beautiful smile is looking back. She laughs, Though she doesn't know why. “What's so funny?” he asks sweetly. “Nothing,” she replies, smiling.
She sits there cutting herself A red river pouring out She can’t stop now All she's ever known is the cold hard pain of being alone With no one to turn to, nowhere to go, the pain starts to- get to her
All I can think is I don’t want to go there I don’t want to go there I’ve always refused to go there Tour there Talk about there Other than the dropping of a name or two
I'm driving on a lonely road When the time is no closer to sunrise than the last sunset. My headlights are overshadowed by the darkness surrounding it, And I'm tired-- Tired of feeling no feelings,
I thought I knew the road and where it leads; I came upon the fork and felt so sure, Until the trees in shade began to tease; My confidence was shook, I closed the door. My heart is closed and locked, I am afraid;
Breathe Just In and Out You can do it This time you’ve got it
There's so much stress The last forty days of school With all of the reports and papers Books and projects Filling out papers Application after application All asking the same questions
~i waited patiently… as if my turn was next i was just as naive as you thinking that you were the best you watched him cheat but you forgot about the rest forgave him time after time
Slam what you will, Slam what you may, but you must always seize the day.
Too many decisions. What decisions are going to make my life right? Thats all i am thinking about on this sleepless night. Sometimes i want to give up. Why cant life be simple? This stress makes me tremble.
Has he even noticed? Or does he even care? This car is turning, racing but we're going nowhere. He steps on the gas, my heart begins to flutter. We're free falling fast, but without God's ruder.
Life is tough, so get a helmet, That's what we have been hearing all our lives. Stuck in the in between of getting spoken to like a child, But expected to act like an adult.
Its time to make a decision A decision to stand or to fall To live life to the fullest or fall in the trash of the past The time is now to decide to live and to love the lives we have
At any point in life, there is a choice. Whether to live or die, Whether to sink or swim, Whether to fight or to just stand by.
I have taken many roads in my life. I've made decisions through sorrow and strife. And sometimes, I look back; Not regretting, but wondering if I took the right track.
Days Flash by. Each busier than the last. And nervousness snakes in. Anticipation grows. Excitement lies in wait, strikes out – swallowing everything whole.
Possibly destroying my own future But I can't bear to see those faces. If running from the people Who are supposed to always be there for me Helps me feel free Then run I shall.
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