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I don't know where I'm going
and I don't know where to start.
I've been through a lot
with strain on my heart.

I could be wrong,
but could I be right?
Confusion, happiness, and fear.
I don't know how I feel inside.

This isn't my focus.
I don't know if I should share.
To go on or hold back,
because I'm scared?

Ready or not,
If I run,
Or I stay,
I'll decide when the time comes.

As for right now,
I know who I am.
I'll take my time
as long as I can.



I am at the critical stage of life being a young adult. At this time I am faced with decisions on a day to day basis that can and will ultimately affect my future. This poem helps me keep in mind that even though I always feel like time is running out for me, I still have a chance to make decisions as I am faced with them, and realize that I do not have to make every single decision all at once. As long as I keep in tune with who I am, things will fall into place as time goes on.

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