That Moment

Do you know that moment
Where your life seems
To be spent
On stupid stuff like dreams?
Lies and betrayal all about
The earth as it spins
Its enough to make you shout
Because you can't win

I know that moment...

Its where everyone hates
The difference of others
Or the hate that states
How we could never be brothers
Y'see life is a game
No one will win in the end
But that's no shame
Cause its the message you send
Thate decides the fate
Of our own human race
But because of hate
We're in last place

We're in that moment

We behave like animals
Instead of people
We might as well be cannibals
Because we're so feeble
We attack the weak
And the strong
Because we are so bleak
To how we are wrong.
The strong won't help
The weak won't fight
We don't cry its more of a yelp

That moment helps us

To understand who we are
By throwing pain into the mix
We have to raise the bar
Or dry up like sticks
And eventually burn
Die and wither away
But we are stern
And want to stay
So why not change for the better
Why not treat everyone as equals
It might clear up the weather
So that we will have many sequels.

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