Your Life



When the world is spinning

A bit too fast

And as much as you try

Your heart’s path comes last

And you remember the days

Of trying so hard to try

To follow those dreams

And grow the wings to fly

Go Seek the truth

Through the many lies

And Find nothing but the best

In all of God’s disguise

Remember the guidance

From those special

Who left too soon

Our guardian angels

Don’t look into others

But guide your own fate

You never know what can happen

Until it’s too late

Decisions are easy

Mistakes are too rough

Dreams are too special

To forget and give up

Be smart and avoid

The mistakes that will shatter

Your heart will break

You cannot change past after

When you respect yourself

There’s Never No need to fall apart

Just hold that head high

And remember it’s only the start

You get one life to live

But it’s going to be long

so Don’t disrespect yourself

And lose all the morals to the wrong

When you follow the darkness

You will lose who you are
it’s not what they’re doing

But Be one of those stars

That shine through the nights

No matter what comes their way

You only get one body

Don’t disrespect yourself Any Day

But be virtuous and above

And make your life for you

The best it can be

And you’ll be happy

It’s true

Life won’t end tomorrow

It goes on and on

And if you forget yourself

There’s No turning back- it’s gone


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