Strife of the Good Life

Blue eyes staring intently through/ I stare back at you/ I know your love is pure and true/ So corrupt without a care/

Your love is like a dare/ You have the heart of a child/ However your temperament is very mild/ And you thoughts run you wild/ Not tame/ Still there is no shame/ You refuse to be the same/ I am running through a beautiful field/ However I do not stop to yield/ My eyes fixed straight ahead/ There are so many unspoken words said/ A galaxy so far away/ To get to the destination we only stay/ The answer is clear and true/ I really do love you/ The teacher asks the child/ The thoughts run wild/ Is this okay/ Is the answer to stay/ It all seems right/ Nothing is uptight/ You need to resist temptations/ They are the mere things that ruin nations/ Dark brown hair glistens in the sun/ You are the only one/ How do act?/ What do I do?/ The only one I see is you/ There is no doubt/ There is no need to pout/ Everyday new sun flowers sprout/ Children walk about/ Over and Over/ Day by day/ The same things come to play/  Everything is amazing/ As I sit here gazing, / I see all of the potential around me/ Yet, if I fall I may not be able to call all this back/ It would not be like reorganizing a stack/ There are so many choices/ There are so many voices/ Still you have to give things a chance/ Especially if you want to see is they could advance/ You are not guaranteed tomorrow / So do not waste it living in sorrow/ Live life well / But, not so you’ll go to Hell/ These ocean orbs cutting into me/ Somehow unnerve me/ I am breathing in the sun/ And wondering what has begun 


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