The Streets

A unique coral reef called The Streets.

Rapid shuffling of feet and millions of heart beats.

 unusual things can be seen  similar to

objects found within Grand Theft Auto cheats.

This circus runs wild and leaves patches on the tattooed concrete.

The understanding of this place is a series of undeciferred codes.

We will never understand the purpose of what happens on these roads.

Though we can take all the time we want to pretend like we figured it

out but we never will.

We'll never understand the meaning of the homeless man's life

on the other side of that hill.

The reason why young folks take unprescribed pills.

Maybe the people on these streets do what they do and

live the lives that they do for the sake of cheap thrills?

What's the harm in finding activities that time kills?

Everything to some.

Whether it is a hopeless man drowning in rum or a 

sophisticated business man creating a sum.

There is no such thing as fun...

That is fun without a price.

This coral reef is as harsh and cold as ice.

It is relentless once it discovers your vice.

Take a local's advice.


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