The Choice is Yours



Momma said "boy be a doctor to take care of my problems when I'm old."

Momma said "boy be a lawyer to take care of the problems of the Unrepresented and the poor"

Momma said "boy be a business man so you can be well off and run your own store"

Father said "boy be anything you desire, the future is yours"

When I told my parents I wanted to be a teacher, they were proud of my choice.

But when I stated I desired to teach in the ghettos they both lifted their voice.

Momma said "boy so much hard work to keep you out of those neighborhoods. Now you want to go and spend your whole adulthood in the hoods" 

Father said, "boy let someone else do it. That’s what you should"

If I could I would but that would bring no good. I had had enough and told them the choice was mine. That, they understood.


I'm just trying to educate and make a difference in the hood.

Make the youth exceed limits they never thought they could

Make them dream bigger than they ever would

I want to help keep these kids out of trouble

A role model For those stuck in the daily struggle

Everyone has given up on these kids, labeled them as stupid and dumb

How can you give up on them? They’re so young!

All they need is help and proper guidance 

I'm here to help them and to form an alliance

To help people that live their lives through defiance. 

I will use my teacher credential to help the youth reach its highest potential 

Let them know that the world is bigger than just residential

Aim high, dream big, even Obama won the presidential.

His accomplishment wasn't only for the blacks, 
It was for every person and group that think hope is what they lack

You can make it out the hood no turning back

You can go to school and get educated all you need is motivation, books and a backpack.

Or would you rather stay strapped with a gat and deal with constant clack clack clacks?

Can't force you to do anything the choice is yours.

Do you wanna live the life of the streets with drugs and whores?

Get AIDS, HIV. Shit coming out of all your pores! 

Possibly get to a point where you might overdose

Or will you take advantage of the opportunities that knock on all your doors?

Make the right choice Gotta live this life of yours.

Think about all this. Once again the choice is yours


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