No Regret Road

Have you ever heard of the paths often traveled or less traveled by

You probably did

For the observer, the path he or she takes is either filled with regrets or success

Unfortunately I took the wrong one called Regret Road


My regrets were not taking a chance to not do anything significant for my life or others

I say to myself I can do anything with a mindset that I can accomplish this task

But every time I set myself up for failure because it is all talk and no walk.

My ambitions were road signs to a happy destination that I never traveled to


I am going to get a girlfriend in 2016, did not happen

I am going to drive in 2016, did not happen

I could study towards my dream jobs of  being a doctor or an actor, did not happen

I am going to be a successful, smart, and happy person in 2016, did not happen


If the year of 2016 taught me something is to achieve a goal to add to your life

Because I stopped trying to achieve my goals and I regret every time I did

2017 will be the year that I live no regrets and be something more

A college student could do more with his life than book work


It is interesting because I am not sure which path I am going in

It might be the path everyone takes or is the one less traveled by

Because I never took a risk to know what path was right or wrong for me

But hopefully the path I take is called No Regret Road


In 2017, some progress has been made to achieve at least some goals

Maybe something wonderful will happen to change my life for the better

I am taking control of my life to make sure it would be the life that I want

Anything can happen in 2017, but only if I travel down the path of No Regret Road 






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