Buried Alive

Born in coffin gotta build my life up, Soul ingrates in a tumb stone  night love,

jabbs to a soldier face on a war ground fight club,had a mooky moment gave em light love,

going from the slumps to building my empire life up, had to levitate to raise my elevation,

now this  imposter told me that he knew a way that I could make it, no strings attached,

I just had to take it, sign on the dotted lines never say the Lords name,

I dead had conversation with a nikka that was buried next to me, pushing out these thought still impressing me,

he kinda value souls, (pause) that was probably why he wanna raise hell, wanna send a me home like brother Shawn bell,

one time behind a nikka  worried that the bacon holdin fire hoes gonna try to go and spray shells,

reality gotta be the truth to the way they youth, body bag is all the proof to a one way trip to hell,

we taking all these trigga happy cops down to where the shells drop,

watching  while the shark tales swim in a circle cell locked, breathing boiled water in a flaming well PAC,

screaming from the grave devour all my enemies,


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