Dreamers Make Bad Decisions

Sat, 08/24/2013 - 01:05 -- rauchb2

I can't always realize when I'm wrong.
I feel alive when the air brushes past.
The wind whistling in my ear like a song.
Telling me the time is over, the die is cast.

No more chances to do what is right.
I feel like a weight sinking to the bottom
of the ocean, a ghost by the end of tonight.
There was no one to even be forgotten.

Fast cars race past and scream
as the engines give out
and the ear splitting sound seems
so harsh as it shouts.

For me there is no more.
I made the choice to wallow
and the pain rips my core
open and I swallow

Back the screams of the regret
that threaten to spill from my throat.
It's too late and the stage is set.
I can't escape Charon's boat.

Mistakes are like dreams
waking is a safety net we envision
because they are what brings
us to the ending of our decision.


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