Little Puppepets

Wed, 08/14/2013 - 17:34 -- jbaiza


What shall become of the world
As our finger around the trigger is curled
As people continue to fight their brothers
Destruction is the answer to win all the powers
But what is power when no one is left
When the essence of our soul is finally bereft
Oh little bothers what have we done
Oh little world what have we become
The future is unfathomable some say
But as long as humans rule
War will never be at bay
Realize little brother you are a tool
Peace is what they say you are achieving
But what are you perceiving
Open your eyes to the world around you
You’ll see what you see
No matter how much they argue
The blind fold of war is a deceptive menace
As the thirst for evil blood makes you anxious
Everyone promotes its glory
They all fill your head with the same illusive story
Little puppet you know where you belong
Hells gates invite you in with ease
Here then you will beg for the keys
But please don’t scream
It’s just a dream. Just wakeup and open your eyes.


Written by Jessica Baiza


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