Listen Up Education

Thu, 09/12/2013 - 19:24 -- jdarby



Teachers are the brains of this society

Basking in education, nearly causing themselves to solidify

Just to extend their brains to teach others how to qualify

For a, “hopefully,” decent future

While all the while

They may smile and congratulate

But what are they really thinking behind that crystal face

Watching their students struggle

Saying, “Let’s try something else”

When in truth, they just want an excuse

To delay the inevitable

Of finding that the student that tries so hard

But just cannot understand how to solve for, “X”

Or remember that radius is shortened to, “R,”

And yet, when the teacher is asked for help

And help is given

The student is satisfied, at least until until the next question

You see, the school system is flawed

Academics don’t really matter

Because, when it comes down to surgery

I’d rather have a doctor who knows what they’re doing


Rather than figuratively

But of course, teachers can’t admit this

But in all honesty, they know it’s true

When they’re drawing up at the white board

They secretly don’t like this anymore than you

To become a sheep in this world

Lost and confused, without guidance

Obeying the law that’s set before you

Being punished for any defiance

It all starts with education

Since it happens when we’re young

The brainwashing begins

We are taught that those who do not follow, do not belong

In a world ruled by the powerful

But how powerful are they?

How did they get there?

Could it be that they ran this education railroad

All the way to the station

To their journey’s end where they make a proclamation

“I’m here, and you must do what I say,

cause this is the only way”

Perhaps a student whose tried time and time again

To bend to the requirements set on them

Would prosper more

If they worked with what they were given

With a little less remorse

You see, I know kids who hate math

Just can’t stand it

And yet, give them a pencil and paper

And they’ll get the whole room standin’


While others are enchanted with questions

Such as

“How am I here?”

“What am I suppose to do?”

“What am I capable of?”

And yet are forced to learn how to write cursive

While they COULD be solving some of life’s greatest mysteries

They are shut down for being permissive

Our education stands up for itself

Believing any outside force, is one of great danger

Instead, they should help kids follow their dreams

Instead of installing software in them

Like little machines



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