What Drives the Pain Away


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She sits there cutting herself
A red river pouring out
She can’t stop now
All she's ever known is the cold hard pain of being alone
With no one to turn to, nowhere to go, the pain starts to-
get to her
Paralyzed with fear, she tries to figure out what to do
There’s no turning back now
She has nothing else to lose

With emotions locked inside her-
bound by chains
She looks into the mirror and asks herself
“why can’t they see that I’m in pain?”
Eyes clouded with tears; they start to spill-
over burning down her face like acid rain
She just wants it to all stop; for the crippling emotional pain-
to go away
Her world is neither black or white, but just the dullest of grey

She fakes a smile everyday
But there’s always that one person who sees the pain-
that lies beneath the smiles
That person who helps shoulder the pain
And do anything to help through the darkest hour

Love is what drives the pain away


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