Lost lOVE


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  Always being told that she was insensitive

Always being told she showed no emotion

But the truth is

she was just in a steeped sadness,

A long painful

Unbearable pain of losing someone

knowing  how it felt  to lose someone you cared for and Loved

Being just a young girl

she believed that it was just a way of life

Believing that life was all about heart breaks & pain

she thought she was all life had to offer

she was wrong

she spent her  time looking at the world half blind

The first chance of love came to her

and she ran it down and tackled it

Believing she  was in "Love" with him

after all they were still young

 and who knows whether it could have been their last love

As  she grew  older she experienced  many things

Her life was a roller coaster of heartbreaks and happiness

          Love was never her game

Remembering the words mother had told her

   You will hit rock bottom one day

  Again and again you will suffer

   Again and again You shall   get back on your feet

 Don't feel as if you've been   defeated your spirit should not be   destroyed

  Her infatuation for him grew deeper and deeper

         Believing Every small aspect of it that she  would imagined

       The unbounded fascination of the unbounded loneliness cover over her

      Still looking at this world half blind

    Unable to identify what " Love" really meant

   Learning that she wasn't overcome by the situation  

                But it was all

                 In her imagination.

A Loveless life.

Especially because she had let him out of her mind, body and soul.

Erasing every aspect of him sounded easy to her.

Nights,past as well as days.

He was all that she could imagine.

His smell and touch would linder around her like a trapped fly,

or even a haunting memory.



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