I followed his summer hues into a thick forest that left my wide eyes blind,

I never knew beauty like these evergreen trees,

I saw the sun dance on their dark leaves

teaching their full veins one more thing: how to glow

 But when under its luscious shade, night in day,

 I can no longer see the silent dance, the peeping play,

No more back and forth, one step - two, it is only forth

 My budding bones begin to wither

Snap, Crack – will I have the strength to walk back to the summer

Tropical girls only know single nights in Alaska.


Melted by his words and frozen by his touch

He was a wealthy beggar,

And I - a curious cat among lions, who unlike me,

knew when to starve and when to eat

Followed his grey rainbow to the woods,

Girls who fall in love never come back.


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