I've known the world surround me
and I've watched with tear-filled eyes.
As all the broken people
send their Prayers up to the Skies.

They're searching for a miracle
the one, for some, won't come.
They're hopeless, dreamless, changeless-
mere apathetic hums.

I've watched as girls go hungry-
and starve themselves to bones.
The boys who carve lines 'cross their skin
hid on their wrists - unknown.

A man is mocked and hated
for the color of his face.
A wife and mother beaten-
for love's lost inside his haze.

And those who sell their bodies
everyday to make ends meet.
The dream they all were dreaming
now will end in their defeat.

I've been these lonely people-
and I've struggled with their pain.
The times we thought were hopeless
we would plant our roots again.

Still we press on Dauntless
and I have to wonder- why?
for all our climbing efforts
only met with our demise.

Society will kill us-
and to beat this Devilish foe
we all must take positions
'gainst the monster we have grown.

So... Dauntless makes us human.
What I've learned with valiant heart-
if the fire of change is what you seek
you catalyze the start.

Stop waiting, watching, wishing-
For my friends, it's time to Be.
Change comes with a decision
be the change you want to see.



Be the change!!  Nice job!


Thanks :) and thanks for reading! 


This is really good! Nice job :)

I thought of Divergent when I first read the title. haha


Thanks for reading! 

haha good book as well :)


Thanks for reading! 

haha good book as well :)


We are on the same page, great poem!


Thanks so much :) It's really true! Everyone has the power to change their circumstances :)


I love this! I love the message and how you set it up with the rhyming and everything. Good job (:


thanks so much! It means a ton that you actually read my poem! 


Love this poem, I hits everything hard and firm with a memory and relation to real life and past lived lives that survive and die today. I think that this world, its people should change. Waitng for something won't bring a golden haven or halo that will be forecasted over your head. I agree whole heartly with this poem, great job:)


Thanks! haha I love how poetic your response was! I can already just tell you are super talented by reading the comment :) Thanks for reading and commenting it means a ton!

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