History Is In The Making


       History is in the making. 

As a matter fact it's very similar to baking.

A little salt for the flavor and biter root for the haters.

Then add some sugar to the mix and you have the beginning of a flick.

Honestly, all you need is a flame plus one person to blame.

That equals fire and sparks, historical wars started by blazing hearts.

Wars are civil and violent; world war two. 

Why did Hitler really want to kill the Jew?

He spoke so loud and wrote so proud, and gave them three strikes. 

Yes, Hitler made history but he's nothing like the Mikes.

Michal Jackson and Michael Jordan set the world on fire.

They sum up our modern day celebrities and made the kind of history we desire.  

Singing and dancing. Music and charm. Sports and good looks. Shoes and Nice Hooks.

"Just do it", he said. Then they said, "He the man!"

Not as good a man Martin Luther King Jr.

He had a dream and a plan.

Not just for himself, but for a whole nation.

We couldn't change the past so let's live in present and fix the holes in our nation.

TV radio, videos, and games.

Since when the Thong Song become the one we blame.

Blame for this,  blame for that, blame for sex, and all that's bad.

And we must not forget about World of Warcraft Six.

If its not out yet, then I'm sure they'll be making it.

Why? Here's the answer, this one thing is sure!

History is in the making, and you will have to make yours!


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