A Change Is Gonna Come


Did you know that the backwords spelling of the word saggin  is the word niggas?

Well, isn't that something.

It's a bit ironic because the world has embraced both terms with open arms like a mother

about to hug her child as he walks to school alone for the first time.

And my mind ungracefully journies through these words as I ponder their origins.

I felt bewildered because my generation; also known as the reincarnation of ignorance

dances around these words with glee as if they are not insults to my history

like Native Americans chanting around a fire.

You say you know respect?

You're a liar!

See as you walk down the street letting your swag melt from your head to your feet

strutting down an irrelevent path yelling, "screw the police, I got swag!"

Let me ask you, will swag be so important when inmate 90118 is tearing up that ass?

See I'm not just talking about my people because we as people are eachothers people

And we all are drowning in our own selfishness.

I want us to change more than a flat chested girl wants to leave the itty bitty titty committee.

More than a young black boy wants a new pair of Jordan's.

More than Mahatma Ghandi wanted peace.

I want us to change more than a single raised daughter wants her xy chromosome parent

to walk through the door because the closest she's ever gotten to a father is

Bill Cosby and Peter Griffin on her TV screen.

I keep hearing a change is gonna come,

But it's funny how tomorrow looks identical to yesterday

and yesterday is twins with last month

and last month looks JUST like its mother 1964!

This false progression is just reoccurence of our stupidity and negligence of knowledge,

but because we have music videos and a black president, we must have progressed?


We are still singing these slave songs because we are slaves to our own misguided desires.

See Cash Rules Everything Around Me and

Cash Over Family, Friends, Everyone, Everything

I just gave you C.O.F.F.E.E, now add Wu Tang's C.R.E.A.M

This is the drink of our morality.

How dare a God, whether it's my God, your God, Buddha, our even science

allow us breathing talking atoms to have free will?

All I see are copies of eachother and we all are saggin, it's obseen, it unreal.

AND OHHHHH LORRRD! Those internet philosophers

speaking with moons in their meanings like intellectual astronomers,

but in all reality are more incompetent than a corpse.

Their souls try to mimick depth as the push the copy and paste buttons on not only their computer

, but their live.

So teach me oh dear philosopher because my pupils will transform into your pupil

because we are all students of eachother.

So tell me oh dear philosopher, who is Aristole?

No reply?

I think I know why, you internet philosopher!

You were born with stars in your eyes

And the war cries of your origins in your heart, but all you do is desicrate your very existence.

But apparently a change is gonna come.

Where is it?

Does it have a flat tire?

You say you know respect, you're a liar!

You can piss on my face, but don't tell me it's raining.

I cannot believe we are derived from the same species as a man who once had a dream or

Underground railroads and everything in between.

Will there be a day in which we drop our internal ignorant devices and respect thyself

and love thyself while singing from the holiness of the cross that enslaved my savior?

Halleljuah! I am my mother's eyes.

I am my sister's cries.

I am my father's brother.

I am my grandmother's mother.

I am humanity.

I am dying from starvation because this damned generation refuses to feed me.

I can no longer survive on murder, hatred, SWAG, ignorance, and dangerous anger.

Feed me five star meals of love, hope, happiness, dignity, and unity.

Because I will no longer eat your pain.

I shall fast until the death of me.

But as passionate as I am when writing these words, all I can do is applaud this damn generation

Because we have mastered qualities that cannot be taught.


We have mastered the art of..........Ignorance.

So keep saggin niggas

ecause supposedly a change is gonna come.




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