There are people who

Have lived in sin

From the day they could stand

It's been in high demand

For them to screw up

For them to fall down

To please the crowd of the souless and the heartless

And fall into the darkness that surrounds

Shrouded in black, vision clouded

A vibrant sky stirs hate

Because they feel the sky laughing at them

Its brightness taunting happiness they don't have

And its lack of clouds flaunting its easy path

Yet these are the ones who do great things?

Then what of those who have more?

Do they choose not to play their cards?

Even if it's a winning hand?

Gambling everything to purposely lose?

As those who grew up in a draker place

Come to a fork in the road

And make a decision to be saved or be sold

And those with more lose faith in goals

Who is it we clap for as the curtains close

Whose story have we chose?

And whose have we forgotten?


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