Sun, 02/23/2014 - 16:23 -- mkd98

i just snuck into a smoke shop 

to buy a hookah stick

I'm fifteen, almost sixteen

but my mind doesn't feel it


actions don't act it

so why is it

that I'm still being treated like a kid


I know some of you will say, 

you are still a kid

but lets be honest

who is really a kid anymore

we’re exposed to real life 

without having to open the front door


we can thank youtube, Facebook, twitter, tumblr, bing, google

for that

i am in no way dissing 

or “hating” 

against these things

These tools are my saviors

for when i cant find the brains

to do things myself

to find a video of a milf

to listen to music from meek mill

to tweet that I'm ill 

to do research on emmet till… rest in piece


to get back on topic

us “kids” 

are open to the world

without having to leave the house

so let us make our own decisions

let us decide for ourselves

most of us don't need help 

let us experience screwing up

we don't need to take your word

just because you have “experience”

lets face it, your word

wont work 


I’m not saying that parents are always wrong

they're usually right

but don't put up a fight 

for our life choices

you simply cannot stop those


thank you


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