fight for my education




I  just want  to learn to open my mind

And absorb whats inside

 so tonight  I lie

With a deep thriving drive

To explore and expand what 's mines

Before the cage bird dies

I want to take and take

Grasp  the very core of every subject

To explore and have an outlet

To want more  I have my mind set

It challenging but I have a dept.

That I have not yet met.

I want to  see the world in another light

Pave the way  for another night

Change the  day  were we seas to  fight


I want  to  hold beacon

Where  there is no might

So I  can’t stay  out of sight

Because right in  my face

I lie there waiting  for a bigger fight




See I can’t wait any longer

I’m in a threshold and its getting stronger

With each brushstrokes

Im going under but im fighting for a bigger cause

I am no longer




So while  I lie on my knees

Learning something

Please believe I want one thing

My education

My liberation my freedom


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