Broken-Hearted Girl

She looks his way,
A small, gentle smile on her face.
A big, beautiful smile is looking back.
She laughs,
Though she doesn't know why.
“What's so funny?” he asks sweetly.
“Nothing,” she replies, smiling.
She turns to walk away,
But he grabs her hand before she could go too far.
He pulls her close to him and places a kiss on her forehead.

Wrapped in his embrace,
She feels invincible.
“Nothing can ruin this moment. I wish this could last forever,” she thinks to herself.
Tears had begun to form in her eyes.
“It's true what they say. Nothing lasts forever, especially the things we really want to last,” she thought as a tear slowly fell down her cheek.
“Why was I so stupid? I can't believe I actually thought he could love me and that he would love me forever!”

By this point,
There were tears steadily flowing down her cheeks.
Her makeup was smeared all over her face.
Had she not been emotionally crushed,
She would have had a fit about her makeup being messed up.

For days,
She cried about everything.
The smallest things pissed her off.
One minute,
Her life was almost perfect and she was the happiest girl in the world.
The next,
She was broken-hearted,
And as far as she was concerned,
Her life was over.

“Never again will I love someone as much as I loved him. I don't think I could even if I wanted to.”
She truly believed that too.
She wished with all of her heart that she could show him how much he meant to her,
How much she cared about him.
She desperately wanted to find a way to prove her love to him
And she was willing to do whatever it would take.

She promised herself that she wouldn't fall in love so fast next time,
If one were to come.
She wasn't sure that she wanted a next time to come.
“He was everything I had ever dreamed of,
And now that he's gone,
So are my dreams,
And everything I had ever loved,” she cried.

With a few days of space away from him,
She realized that she truly loved him,
Unfortunately for her,
More than she thought.
Like being stabbed in the heart with a knife,
She was suffering a great deal of pain,
But her resiliency came into play.
Either that or she just hid her emotions better than she thought she could.
“I can get through this. I’ve been through worse times than this,” she said several times over to herself.

Discovering just how amazing her resiliency was,
She added,
“Maybe my dreams that included him have been crushed,
But that’s okay.
I can just go to sleep
And dream up a new set of dreams.”
She really didn’t want to do that,
Deep in her heart,
She knew,
She had no choice.


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