It's the feeling of loneliness, all it is.

And that's something you know
I can't be here without you here
But you keep saying you're not going to go
You're leaving me without leaving me
And it ignorantly hurts, too.
My feelings are all out in the dark.
And it's always been you, because of you.
And I can tell you everything
Everything except what you want to hear
But it's because everything replays 
Of day to days, year to years
And I can tell you nothing
And blindly it takes
And I leave you standing there
Begging me to be the one you loved for goodness sake!
It's like madness and gladness
But it's wrapped up into one
It's a up and down utopia 
It's the rise and set of the sun
And I don't care to let it go
I can but can't tell that you want me to
It's dumb and young, I know
But, my love, what do you want me to do?
You're not leaving me but leaving me
Doubt is the issue at hand 
There's so much left unsaid, unspoken
But baby time runs like water through sand 
Ive watched myself grow weak
Because I let you under my skin
I let you borrow that key to my heart and strangely I want you to keep it in the end 
But you won't be here forever my darling
And you know nor that I
But if you go, just when you go
I ask that you kiss me and wipe every dripping tear from my eye


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