I Thank You



My heart turned so cold and so blue
I stopped believing in the words "i do"
I forgot about you
Forgot about your smile and sad faces
Forgot about the good times and warm places
Forgot about the "I love you"'s bc that shit was contagious 
Bc the love I had for you was outrageous 
And the amount of care i gave you was spacious 
Though our young bond was fallacious 
But now I'm back 
My soul has revived and I am in tact
Self confidence I no longer lack
Yeah it's like that
You see I got my shit together now
Bc I'm better now
Got my priorities together and I'm a head now
No need to settle down
Don't need a man
But I could use a helping hand
Thanks for being a friend 
I still believe in you
And the truth is I needed you 
I'm here for you
Despite the hurt you put me through 
Though you didn't know
I never expressed myself, I was hurting on the low
They say ignorance is bliss
But your ignorance cursed me with a kiss
I did not sign up for this
The warm blood pumping around my heart froze up
I'm half empty
Need someone to fill my cup
This love thing just isn't for me tho,
Feel it in my gut
Fall In love 
I mean, for what?
It's like times just couldn't get more tough
But I'm smarter now 
I know what i want and need now
Love is not what I fiend now
Bc I'm a queen now
And if niggas can't see that they can leave now
Im not cocky, just thankful and proud 
Bc I'm saved, how?
Through understanding and experience
Though my mind was delirious 
And I have no excuse for my random disappearance 
I learned to develop a clear coherence 
To be unified with those who stand by me 
Who held my hand and didn't flee
Who wiped my tears free
And til this day, I still bleed
Need someone to complete me
So that I can love The
But I'm a new breed
I'm immune to the pain and sorrow I see
So thank you for breaking my heart
Thank you for still loving me bc that can be the hardest part
You're an old friend, maybe a new spark
I just don't know yet bc I'm scared to stay in the dark
You left an impression, an important mark
Ill never forget it
Misfortune and disaster can ruin you if you let it
So I'm moving forward
I'm moving on
Working towards a stronger bond
I gotta closer connection with myself
Didn't need materialistic pursuits to gain my wealth
And I'd be a liar if I said I did it on my own
Through my family and friends i have grown
To a better place I have flown
Thanks to bad luck and the unknown
Thanks to those who sent whispers to my back
Thanks to those who hated when things were intact
I'm here to do what I gotta do
And if they're still looking down, I'm here to tell them "the jokes on you"
I'm just a young soul
I got a lot of life left 
And imma live it until I take my last breath
So I thank you love for everything you've done
For everything you've given
My blood you have taken, and from my neck you have bitten
For it is written
That this too shall pass
Lets get through this together and keep on living to the max I thank you 


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