What's Worse


United States
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What's worse? To find true love
But not be able to hold him,
Kiss him, or cry in his arms?

Or to know a love only half
As wonderful, half as true,
And half as alive...

But him be always by
Your side, willing to protect?
We all search for the answer.

A love so intense and
So powerful, yet so far away
Is difficult to deal with.

Soldiers risking their lives, or
Men wrongly accused of crimes,
Torn away by hatred and greed.

You know you can never
Find a greater, truer love
Or a more desirable soulmate.

But how can you love someone
Who is gone - a human being
Practically imaginary?

Versus someone to hold, love,
Talk to, and always be at
Your side when you need them?

But this present love
In the flesh and in reach
Is only half as strong.

Like a glass of whiskey
Half full of melted ice,
It is diluted, unpure.

With every sip, you desire
A more outstanding effect.
But if can never happen.

No matter how much whiskey
You put into that glass
Nothing seems to work.

What is a love
That is only partly
True and incomplete?

How does one choose?


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