The Devil and the Deep Blue

eenie meanie minnie mo 

here are my problems  

watch them grow  

a penny for a spool of thread 

when you've not a needle 

that's the way a life goes 

bound to moneys evil 

ring around the rosies  

pockets full of posies 

and ashes, ashes  

as my world burns down  

jack be nimble 

jack run away quick 

my bad luck is catching  

and it might just stick 

hush little baby  

don't you cry 

all good things end  

and most people lie  

but you will have a fishie 

for your little dishie   

you will have a fishie  

when the food stamps come in  

hot cross buns  

1,2,3, I'm done  

one apenny  

two apenny  

there goes my pay for this month

oranges and lemons 

is all I hear in these sessions 

they've taken all my farthings

and have found nothing  

and I can still here the ringing  

din, dan, don,

are you sleeping, brother John?   

If you're still sleeping, it won't be for long.  

the poor look at the countinghouse  

staring at the money 

the delusional still see this as  

the land of milk and honey 

I am in the garden 

staring at a rose

by another name is still a rose  

I suppose  

for that's how this garden grows 

be merry and marry  

stop being contrary 

for he finally proposed  

but I will not be the dish that runs away with a spoon  

even though my cupboard is bare 

for there's nothing left there  

he won't bring me home  

he loves me, 

he loves me not  

he thinks he loves me   

but he love me not

so eenie meanie minnie mo  

those are my problems  

see them grow? 









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