why did he leave me?

I ask this question almost everyday

He broke up with me without even saying it was over

He just stopped calling

and didn't want to talk

I thought being friends with benefits would work and make you like me more

But it just made things worst


Why did he deny me

Like you  never dated me

if you didn't like me

Why did you tell me you love me?

Everytime i ask what did i do wrong

you never want to talk about it I understand

You act like nothing hurts you

And I know it do

If you wanted to talk to other people you could have told me

Instead of constantly dissing me

I've always had thoughts about breaking up

But I was too attatched i couldn't let go

I was to insecure to trust you alone


was it because i didn't trust you

Through all the times you treated me wrong i still loved you

you dissed me 3 times worse days of my life

Made me cry with a sorry you didn't mean

Why can't you look at the good times when we first met

Our first Kiss

Instead of the bad times

Why can't i get a second chance

Why did you say you loved me

Why did you lead me on for 2 months and then hurt me.

Then I ask myself why do i stiil have feelings for you?


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