Standing By...

Thu, 03/07/2013 - 17:39 -- AbiCook

At any point in life, there is a choice. Whether to live or die,
Whether to sink or swim, Whether to fight or to just stand by.

Whether injustice reigns or goes away is determined by the thoughts of individuals.
People decide to stand or to just stand by.

There's a majority who chooses to be silent,
And there's a minority that chooses to stand and fight.

The main stream chooses to bury their heads in the sand.
The masses choose to stay blind.

Some miserables allow themselves to be put under the thumb of the man,
But others stand up against the lies and hypocrisy.

It was once said that "separate but equal" was the only way,
The only way to protect the children and the status quo.

The balance of power could never shift, the said.
If the "others" were allowed to have opportunity,
No one would be happy again!

They were wrong in their pride,
Their elitist ways were those of ignorance.
Their prejudice was rooted in hate.

Some were brave and wanted a future,
Some were aware that their children could have better than they!

A strong and optimistic few stood and fought instead of standing by,
They chose to take on the position and responsibility to change a future.

It's because people chose to do something,
It's because they made a decision and acted.
They stood up for what they believed.

History is shaped and a future is made by those who don't stand by.

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