A Taste Of The Future

Sun, 08/13/2017 - 20:07 -- hfox19

 Imagine a life where no one succeeded 

A life where you depended on someone for everything you needed

A life where no one dared to dream 

A life where everything was just as hard as it seemed

No one who inspires you to just be you 

No one to turn on the lights when you just can't seem too

See that's the life we seem to be in 

Where everyone is done before they even begin 

Some feel as though they've done too much wrong 

Or maybe you're just perfect  and walk to your own theme song. 

But get this it doesn't matter you know why 

Because neither are better than the other 

You both are the same in my eyes 

Both of you can be the change that people want to see 

Doesn't matter if you're tall short rich or poor believe me 

All of you have trait thing or trick that makes you who you are 

We need that special thing that keeps our generation from expiring so that we can make it far 

Are world is slowing messing it's self up can't you see it

Or wait maybe I can show you a video so you can believe 

Gun violence, police brutality and more taking over out community 

And believe it or not all we need is a little bit of unity

We need that black person who stands up and makes that person go wow 

They aren't like the rest of that crowd they want me to see that something is going down  

We need to do that everyday not just for the black community 

But for everything that goes on you see what's going on in our world today I know it 

You know why because you sit and you complain and you post it 

But you never go out there to do things to show you wanna make a change

Anyone one can complain and that's all good and fine 

But to see a difference you're gonna have to get out and move your behind 

Someone once said actions speak louder than words don't complain about things change things  

Maybe I got it all wrong and this speech isn't for you I took it too far

You don't aspire to be different this is who you are 

That's fine I'm not telling you to go down the street yelling black lives matter everyday 

I'm telling you the world needs a change today 

And it can come from you

But that's not gonna work unless we change who we are

We have to be a change for a change 

Trust me you'll make it far

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