"Wheels May Turn"

I am often knocked down by the gazes of the haters,

back biters, the bullies, the witty, and the other fool phonies.

Then when life got better for me. I’ve tasted glory 

They all know my story

I am now a hot-shot thinking they should all bow down before me.

But then it struck me like bolt of lightning...it hit me so hard,

-         Reality -

I was in pain, in agony. It ain't easy, still, I was lucky.


Then my mother told me, baby

No cloud forms into a storm

without permission of the heavens

No plates will shake that awake 

those deadly earthquakes

No waves will roar and hush…………

without Him knowing so

And no sun will shine

revealing that colorful rainbow.


Right then and there

those thunder bolts that kept screaming in my ear

I can see it clear, slowly disappear.

I was blinded by the sight of me in the mirror.

Deceiving into believing that it was all mine,

but it wasn’t

In fact, it never was

I was simply receiving and so because

it was just given, count it as a blessing.

Then my mind starts to open,

I think it’s time to pick up the sings and all  the warnings.


I am a cup and empty, needed to be filled

by the one who gave up

His life for me and drank that chalice.


Then all I knew is:

The words that I preach and the voice that you hear 

comes from a whole other dimension

in which no religion could ever feed

no holier than thou could ever see

that kind of revelation which is amazing!


 It is a gift

that you must treasure.

Life? It ain't forver,

So you better not think you’re more clever

than the other good souls who gather,

Roaming about the planet,

Streets! making their playground.


 - You are here, so listen to that sound. -


Then you see a boy with a broken smile

You think for a while...


Light up a candle

to a heart who’s not able to handle

the adversities that have scarred them, that have once scarred you.

You hear him cursing! reality, blaming the hate and economy

which results to poverty, with all these hypocrisies

added by the social inequality

and the hostile society.


So what? He says.


Then you decide what to do next.

For the light that is in you is undying

but it’s for you to decide

if you are going

to pass it on to someone who is tryin’,

struggling in life and surviving.

This poem is about: 
Our world


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