Unaccounted Creativity


On the road to success and bettering myself

Preparing for my future, making room on the shelf

"To be or not to be" is confusing enough

Practical Jobs for Dummies is impractically boring stuff

There's space for college, jobs and life's responsibilities

But what do I do with this unaccounted for creativity?

Career, husband, children, the planning is all done

But, eerie monsters and fairytales are my kind of fun

These creative juices flow through my veins

Pens hit paper like tracks to a train

The goal is unclear

I just do it for fun

Free to think the unordinary

And my mind starts to run

My thoughts are more fluid

I write what I see

A bottomless bag that's ripping at the seams

If only I had made more space

You'd see what I mean

These physical copies of my oddest dreams.


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