The Plunge

Three, two, one...

I dive straight in, and I hear

the commotion and clouds of confetti,

I come up in a new year.


Seat belt, please -

Anxiety, nervousness,

Recline, wait until the time passes by.

We fly up in turbulence. 


Do you know?

Tours. Schools. Jobs. Do you know now?

Trembling, mumbling, unsure of where to go.

Sweat wandering of my brow...


Live, love, laugh...

While this summer seems to last. 

Walking along where lavender plants grow, 

Why does it go by so fast?


Tick, tock, tick - 

Better send in applications

While you still can... Accepted! Accepted! 

It's time for celebration. 


But which one?

Confetti everywhere, 

One year later, wet, confused, 

A girl coming up for air.







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