This is the Day

This is the day when I lost all I had,

The day when my world fell apart.

The only thing left was the sliver of light, 

The thoughts in my head.

This is the day you lost your wings,

And I lost you.


That was the moment when I left the new-old,

And found the old-new.

That was the moment that I left you

And you left me.


This is the time for me to start off.

The old path faded out. 

The time for me to move on,

Or lost it all

This is the day that I lost him.


This is the second when life was it's darkest

When the silver lining was gone.

And so was my hope.

This is the time that you found me.


This is the day that I call for help

So the light can return

And life can move on.

This is the day that my wounds will heal.


This is the lifetime

That I will not regret.

Despite my lows

You were the one to help me find my light

And I helped you find your peace.


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