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*Down a dusty road he walked, his feet were always bare.
No one passing with him talked, not a soul did care.
None could fathom what he sought, or even wonder why.
Why he thought and thought and thought, Why he seemed to cry.
Who was this forgotten man, how long had he been spurned?
Did he hide or did he plan, for what did he yearn?
Why was pain writ on his face, deep crevices of hurt?
Could he even leave this place, this by-way of dirt?
No one would invite him in, his face they would ignore.
Passing by again, again, closing every door.
He was not unappealing , his heart was pure to prove.
So why had no one feeling, why did no one move?

*The answer was the man in suit, strolling down the other side.
The eyes, the hair, the clothes to boot, in him they took their pride.
Face bewitching, eyes ensnaring, all would fall in step behind.
Oh so handsome, Oh so daring, such a captivating mind.
Him they would see, him they adored, him they would regally treat.
Over him their love would be poured, down to his pedicured feet.
And every night when he looked out, and saw the dusty road,
He'd laugh and laugh and laugh about, the man with burdened load.
For at the end they followed him, Because his path was smooth.
There was no love in heart so grim, no caring touch to soothe.
Inside their homes he planted seeds, his influence would grow,
'Till nothing left but rampant weeds, and his true colors showed.

*Two men in my direction came, ++++++ *Two men in my direction came,
On sep'rate side of road, ++++++ On sep'rate side of road,
Each one with a diff'rent game, ++++++ Each one with a diff'rent game,
Each with his own load. ++++++ Each with his own load.
The first I noticed right away, ++++++ The first I noticed right away,
So strong was his allure. ++++++ But put him out of mind.
His followers they all gave way, ++++++ His subjects I'd seen led astray,
To man with conscience cure, ++++++ Their lives I'd seen him grind.
His eyes were enough to capture, ++++++ He now had my attention,
Your mind in one fell swoop. ++++++ Discarded second man.
His words of delight and rapture, ++++++ His eyes full of retention,
Could anyone's guard droop. ++++++ Though thin, pale, and wan.
He spoke to me no words of strife, ++++++ "What's your name?" I called to him,
And promised only might. ++++++ And he replied in kind.
He baited me with joys of life, ++++++ "What's your name, you child of whim?
And reeled me in that night. ++++++ Offspring of the blind?"
I gave in to my inner man, ++++++ "Knowledge you can inherit,
And selfish did become. ++++++ That through all things persists.
I left behind all decent plan, ++++++ Or take words without merit,
In name of "harmless fun." ++++++ And with fools enlist."
Each day I gave myself to Hate, ++++++ Each day I learned from Wisdom,
And each day to world died, ++++++ And each day to self died,
Until I woke before Hell's gate, ++++++ What he taught was true freedom,
My teacher to me lied. ++++++ When for Hate you cried.


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