Which Road to Take

Which road to take?
They both lead in different directions
Left? or Right?
They twist and turn along the barren ground
Which would be better?
Pebbles and stones decorate the sandy paths
Up? or Down?
They both are intriging, urging me on
Right? or Wrong?
Their similarities are many, differences few
What should I choose?
They both summon me to follow their lead
North? or East?
My body's compass continously spins
West? or South?
My sense of direction has failed me completely
I turn back to the place from where I have come
Only to discover the beaten path I traveled upon
Has dissapeared from sight
The cold expanse calls my name and beckons me to choose
I twirl back around and make my choice
I set out on my way
If you asked which trail from there I chose
I'd have to say nither one
For I made my own between the two
And now I'm here and I've found


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