A Year of Decisions

I woke up on the the first of January, single, but what else was new?

Then I realized that 2016 was the last of a few;

years called high school that everyone loves to remember,

except so far to me, I'd rather sleep until September, 

of 2017 to get a fresh new start, 

but picking a school to go to was harder than sculpting a work of art. 

Because the concept that our whole society just doesn't seem to comprehend, 

is that we can't decide at 17 how we want our lives to end. 

There's a whole lifetime ahead of us but is the grass any greener once we get there? 

Well I guess that depends on if selling your soul to a bank leaves you with any air. 

In a nutshell that's how 2016 was a nutcracker to my head

And I felt it tighter every night as I got the cold sweats in my bed. 

The thought of being broke, miserable, and alone on the streets, 

was only a few short years away if I didn't pick the career with the sweets. 

All these adults keep telling me that I've got so much time, 

but it was already senior year in the blink of an eye. 

Looking back now, on a year most controversial and brash, 

I can't help but think what it would have been if it hadn't been for a stash 

of money pilling up that I probably will let burn, 

but hey, welcome to college. There's so much for you to learn. 

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