Romanticizing Life's contents


I can romanticize anything


Books, jobs, boys


This list is endless.


I am a clear romantic at heart

I can spin a tale and have that tale

Be invigorating, special, fun, exciting

Wonderful, amazingly delicious.


I can twist the truth,

Spin the lies into silky webs

String them up and hoist them on my back


I can be this job, or that

And for the day, that job is fantastic and my dream at life.

Tomorrow another job takes its place

And become my new dream.


I can hate or

Dislike a guy

Than tell myself to love him

Or be attracted or be infatuated.

I am infatuated with love


I romanticize life.

So the spice will stay

And the sweetness never runs out.

I tell fibs so long that the strings

Rarely ends and finishes its course.


That’s how I get my excitement throughout the day.

By telling a long tale….That isn't necessarily true.

But this is only for myself,

It doesn't hurt anyone.


I don’t build these elaborate stories just to share with


I greedily tell myself these stories

So they can stay on the shelf in my mind for years.


I must say,

I’m in lust with the chase.

Getting closer and closer and then….



I can romanticize a plain old house

If I want.

Explain it as if it were brand new,

Homey and clean to a crisp.


I can sensationalize a cracked stained mug

Into a vintage lovely little coffee cup.

No, no this does no harm I tell you.

This is only make believe…

That spills into my everyday life.


How can I make decisions if I romanticize everything?

When it all can become a choice if I just tweak it?



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