A glass set before me;
I wonder half full, half empty?
My eyes say half empty; 
My heart craves half full.
My brain tells me it is pointless.
I shouldn't worry; 
Worrying may do more harm than good; 
Worrying puts on unneeded stress.
It creeps up your back and sits on your shoulders; 
Weighing you down each step you take.
You can't see;
Yet others can tell;
Although not visible, it gives off a dark cloud;
A cloud that looks as if it could swallow you whole with no way out.
Some may notice but few stop and care
They just continue about their day..
You can differentiate those who see a glass half empty and those who see it half full. 
The dark clouds tell me.
And I'm worried..
Worried others may see my dark cloud;
So I try to hide it deep inside my soul.
I pretend..
Pretend to be content with life and its people who breathe the air I breathe.
Yet I am not; but why?
Why am I not content with those who surround me
Maybe I'm used to no one around, you see.
People are unpredictable..
Scary; fake; hurtful; cruel.
I distance myself from people, to play it safe.. 
But somehow in my heart the hurt will have a place.


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