I am

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I got COLD FEET because He keeps put'n Me barefoot out in the cold when I'm put at a crossroads, He threw up. I choose My well BEing with yes to Me while telling Him no & it triggers Him.
When I hear this song, takes Me back to when I felt... Sweet. Cute. Loving. Innocent. When I was AMONG YOU I knew I Could do You no wrong. I was brand fresh to stimuli of discoveries.
I am from an origin unknown From the bloodline steered by hearts of gold From thriving flesh of juvenile hands, with each touch sparking lights in my mind,
I Am, divinely where I Am, to BE at. I cannot rush My walk. Rather, I must seize My day, doing all I can, to BE the best version of Me that I can BE, in preparation of My Home coming.
Tô indo pra num sei onde Que nem rumo ou prumo aldeia minhas laçadas Rotineiramente polialético   Nem lá nem cá minha distância altera Sopro num cadinho os últimos grãos
Sob a forma de nuvens errantes, Caminhamos ao nosso Réu: Que sonhos tivestes, jovem pedante, até que atirastes ao léu?  
I let you into my life One breath at a time My parts, too, are promises Curve a curl behind my ear as I  Tell you a secret
In the deeper and darker places of your mindYou can find it Its eyes glowing red as a rose looking deep into your soul Hallucinating. Maybe. Am I going crazy? Don't know yet
There is a void left When you are gone I am afraid that you will hurt me So I fight you off With harsh words I hit you hard The blows I give I leave the scars I take you to the limits
All I am is a shadow A whisper of smoke in a dim room The smell of gasoline on couches and chairs I am the match that calls from the box in the drawer in the kitchen in the home you forgot was yours
My beautiful boy His heart is honest and beautiful as he is, The perfect figure of a gentle man And when he smile, it tells the story of a mother who found love and was willing to give back that love,
long have i sought for peace but the very little I've found, I'll hold on to it before he finds me and make me whole again.
Who AM I?? I am to help you wIth the neglect abandonment all the tears wept I came to you as they went I remember you when you fIrst began alone you crIed starved
in*spi*ra*tion what a silly little word for a  forever changing fact. what is the point of being inspired if the product of inspiration is nothing but disappointment? this. 
I am the bolt of lightning, Shocking, fast, and gone in an instant. I create a smoking crater, But of who left it I leave no hint.   I am the stormy ocean,
I am not her, Not my past, Nor a name.   I am not the order Of the stars, Or the gods of the months, Or the beasts that follow the moon.   Our value no more than
I am just your daughter.  I wonder, are you proud of me? I hear you say, "I love you" before I go to bed each night. I see you smile at me, when I do something for the first time.  I want to make you proud of me.
I am, with out a doubt, a different kind of morning person. I can guzzle 6 cups of coffee and never wake up, But when you present me with valid brew I undoubtable connect the theme of the day, To you.
You are what made me. You are what brought me to my knees. You are what rose above me in triumph. You are my downfall.   I am what made You. I am what made You able to tower high above me.
In honor of black history month, I want to shine a light on a very special woman. She has endure life as it has been thrown to her. She has tackled the world and has gone above and beyond to help those that are in need.
I celebrate myself as I mourn myself. For days I cried, for days I wandered, lost. For days I was afraid, so afraid. So lost. So lost.  For days I rejoiced, life was so good.
Dear Jay,   It’s been awhile. These last few years have been really hard I’m still trying to rap my head around you being gone. It feels so weird.
Hello, I’m—different.   I was in first grade when I knew I was different. Ironically, I knew I was different because all I did was hang out with girls.
جس طرح دھوپ کا رنگت پہ اثر پڑتا ہے نفس کا ویسے عبادت پہ اثر پڑتا ہے ایسے مجھ پر بھی ترے غم کے نشاں دکھتے ہیں جیسے موسم کا عمارت پہ اثر پڑتا ہے
#ग़ज़ल.....#غزل चराग़ ए जिस्म बुझा है , बुझे नहीं हैं हम ज़माने वालों से कह दो , मरे नहीं हैं हम چراغِ جسم بُجھا ہے بُھجے نہیں ہیں ہم زمانے والو سے کہہ دو مرے نہیں ہیں ہم
तू मोहब्बत से अगर साफ मुकर जाएगा रोते रोते तेरा आशिक़ यूँही मर जाएगा इस लिए रक्खे हैं सब आईने अंधे कर के देख लेगा वो अगर ख़ुद को तो डर जाएगा कोई तरकीब नई सोच अगर जीना है सांस लेता ही रहेगा तो तू मर जाएगा
     No One Will Hold Me Down No One. No One. no one Let Me Say This Once More No One Will Hold Me Down  Not Even My Own Mother Who Do They Think I Am? I Can Do Anything
I Am   I am tamed and not wild I wonder how the future will be I am smart and hardworking
I am the Sun,          I burn with anger,          I brighten with happiness. I am the Moon,          I guide from darkness to light,          But I loose my own way in the clouds. I am the Earth,
  I am... I am hurting                      I am smiling I am in pain                       I am helping you I am broken                       I am fixing you
I am constantly bouncing, From one moment to another, Some happy, some not.   I am constantly living, From one day to another, Some enjoyable, some not.   I am constantly smiling,
I am Cheyenne.I come from a place of support but lack of understanding. I am not who I was born to be.I found out when I was thirteen.Climbing trees, instead of drinking hot tea,
I am not sure how or why I am here but I am searching for a purpose I am Some put their faith in God  some in man  some in the hope that one day neither will be affirmed  but I 
Iv'e watched desire, existence and the ripened fruit fall and clash from the disrespect of inhuman species Glided through adolescence hoping that the kinks in my curls will relapse through its stuggle 
Growing up with a challenge like no other. Too "white" to be black they told me. My articulation gave them room for discrimination. I wasn't too "ghetto" enough for their liking
I Am The Bull, I'm North Carolina In a Nutshell, I Write These Stories Of My City And Let Them Tell Themselves I Place Them All On My Shoulders, I Am a Homemade Shelf I Am Made Of The Instruments In The Background, Of The Music That Bumps In My He
I am strong I am independent I am brave I am smart I am beautiful I am determined
I am not a poet I am just poetic, every scribbled letter from an aching hand, every smudge of blue ink on a crinkled page is remembrance, experiences of metrical saddness  and symbolism of my existence
I am a prisoner to the world I live in. I am told how to be. How to be perfect, how to be loved, how to be worth something. I am dictated by numbers. My weight, my GPA, my class rank, my waist measurement.
I am a woman I am independent I am a sister I am the eldest of seven I am the daughter of a single mother I am a provider I am a hardworker I am trying my best to get it all done
A REDEFINED TREASURE I was named after an ocean grace But I have been drowning in my own outrage.   I am being eaten alive by life as my thoughts squirm down my neck.
I am art. I come off the walls when you least expect Like a chameleon I come in disguise Illuminating opaque hearts My wings radiating iridescent hues Of purple Tantalizing your mind's eye 
I am purplexuated Simply by the untrue realities Perplexed at how casually we say the phrase "how are you?" And how often we say "I'm fine."
I found his wicked smile so alluring Black and blue dreaming  Victim of pure deceit But your love's pristine Divine empowering   I missed you Your touch and embrace
To stray away from home and those that pose the threat. Throw away all shame and start a path and win with no regrets. Is this a sham, a trick of the mind, or the follies of my imagination? What an option?
I am... TeenyWide-EyedImperfect I am... BubblyPassionateImperfect I am... LovingLovableImperfect I am... MotivatedDeterminedSuccessful
Walls of white. The black of night. All of which confine this voice inside I try to hide. I dare not cross the line. This voice, it grows, my eyes, they show
I love their smiles I love their miles Imprinted on their faces  I love their eyes But not mine   I love the color of the sky A little boy in suit and tie
Sorry A five letter word Used when necessary in situations Used when it is not even needed I am sorry for always saying sorry I’m sorry for thinking everything is my fault
Live there is the word, for fear not of things unsungLive there is the rhyme not in words but in time   To fear the death in life is to be dead in life No fear to live be within us eternal  To live there is...
They had the world There once was a boy and a girl they ruled the world They knew the other so wellThe girl was uptight while the boy was funny who loves to tellThey had a bond that they could not break But words spilled that they could not retake
I have lived for decades I have lived for yearsI am the image of the African American girl and her struggle.
I am the girl who hides behind my grades and awards, the girl who acts like she knows nothing about the world. I am the girl who sulks in pain, the girl who proceeds with an everyday face.
A leap of faith she is,never knowing what, new territories and boundaries. She plunges and judges every moveShe has a need to know everything,a need to love what blossoms in the darkand dies in the light.
I am...   a soul lit on fire with passionate dreams sprinkled with stardust and kerosine   love filled to the brim  openly ready to lend too trusting with it for my own good
I am more than just me More than what you see I am a testament to faith I am the wind in the air, moving trees with eaze. I am the "whoo" from the owl on a winter's eve  all hear but none see.
I am defined by Media,  Facebook,  Instagram,  Tweeter,  The news.  Defined by videos and man made pictures.  I am defined by people who think they know of me, I am defined by terror, 
I am scared, vulnerable  I am weak, shy, and cold  I have lost who I once was Become someone I do not know  Forced into fantasized ecstasy  Somewhere amid the deafining noise of stagnant air 
I’m not from here I’m not from there Most won’t begin to understand Do you even speak English? There’s no way you know Spanish
I've been asked, "Describe yourself in one word." But one word cannot describe all that I am. A sweet, shy girl is all they may see, But best believe that ain't all of me. So let this poem give you a taste;
I. That’s all that I am. I was never part of “we”. “We” never existed with me. No matter how much I wished and hope,
I am a juggler World class and running out of hands Losing balance as the clock applauds Violently behind me.    Time, like sleep is an unattainable luxury Something saved for the far more fortunate
When the universe was arranged, All creation from a bang, Every grain, Every cell, Every atom flew out. And like all matter careened about,
I am the night.  I am the dark. I am the very thing that children wake from in their terrified stupors of panic, gasping for air and clutching duvets closer to themselves, trembling in the vast blackness.
How can one word define infinite possibility. How can one sentence define a future. If it were up to me I would write a book.  A feature length film.  A memoir on the lives of each of us. 
What is your ethnicity? I'm Hmong. Mongolia? No Hmong. Miao Tzu. Hill tribe of China.
All you ever read about are the girls that are made of light and smell like summer and speak like walking through molasses  all people ever write about are the soft-to-the-touch girls and
I love my Country. But i love you more. They took you away, but you chose to leave. I am the Waiter, for you to come home. I am the lover, who never leaves. You are true.
Little Girl You are an innocent flower  you are so fragile yet so important to this world. Little Girl  you won't be like this for long soon. You will trade your 
Can you see the real me?  Of course you see what the sides of me  That I want you to see. You see the tom boy, the sporty girl, She watches her teams and plays outside getting dirty.
I am the voice In the back of your mind Telling you to make a mental note Of how your first sip of coffee tastes The morning before your first day at a new job.   I am the friend
I Am Danny   I wonder if other people see the same face my reflection shows I hear the Beatles playing from my headphones
    I am sui generis, Of his, hers, its, or their own kind, unique. Perhaps as confusing as the word looks, I’ve heard that a few times.
I am a dark Black and a blinding White,
Like the mirrors I scrutinize myself inI reflect;I pause for a moment-I consider every facet of my being and every part of me that makes me myselfAnd I. Am. Trembling.Because the mirrors show me who I THINK I am
I am chia tea early in the morning while pouring over Sudoku challenges with my mom. I am from goggles and Speedos, preparing to break six minutes in the 500 meter free.
Looking into the eyes of little me I see the spark of life. Experimenting with paper and marks, in perfect solidarity. in chorus they would chant, "She's a tiny Monet, A real prodigy that one is."
There was a point and time where I didn't exactly know who I was. I was a little introverted girl stuck in a glass box. A glass box that I had put myself in. Through that glass box I could see everything going on around me.
I am Those thick thighs and brown eyes That I hope you will love, just as I do I am  The coiled hair and curly fries and a few mountain dews I am  The one who is after the gold prize 
I flew I fell  I dream I fear I wish I cry  I'll live I'll die I'll make mistakes   
I am… I am a poem. Sentences you throw together when you stop and think. Words that flow together on paper with ink. Each letter perfectly imperfect. Each word furiously thrown down in love or anger.
I am a bird taking flight. The breath of wind off the feathers frightens the creatures below But somehow they stand tethered to my iridescent glow.   I can not see those below me
I am meeverything moreeverything lessI have struggledI have been beaten till black and blueby quite a fewI have a few scuff marks and scarsbut I have a twinkle in my eye
Congratulations it's a baby girl! It starts from their day one on earth. The 1st true colors you see is pink. Pink walls, pink cloths, pink crib, for god sakes even your dippers are all pink.
My name means healing But I wonder if she knew that From the life she lived I thought that maybe my name signified Destruction Pandemonium Chaos     That I was bastard personified
I am not a tragic hero Or any hero at all I am Nobody. An extra in a movie A non-player character with no dialogue. I want to tell you a tragedy That I'm abandoned Or orphaned Or abused
I am not. I am not an object. I am not a stereotype. I am not a possession. I am not mindless. I am not weak. I am. I am a person. I am an individual. I am myself.
Am I who I think I am? I should be dependant I should be independent I should be powerful I should obey I should believe in this
   Lets say theres a little girl she use to be the shyest girl who wondered about the world, .and explore the meaning of this so called life!
i am... Martinaé Patton. i am... The woman that has made mistakes, the woman that has what it takes to change the world. i am Trayvon Martin or could've been, but God let me live.
I am human, I rise and I fall, I am alive. I am mistakes and imperfections. I am happiness and inspiration. I am loss and confusion. I am what makes up the world.
I am determined to decide my own fate To change the worlds hate I am the one to bring light In a world that is covered by a deceitful night I am one who will defy my own self
I am from the south of Japan,26.5 degrees north, 127.93 degrees east.The salty blue water, to the soft, golden sand.
I am a contradiction.Found under the exact definition,yet reading the words found in the thesaurus.
I am the fat kid. The frizzy haired, Loud mouthed Fat kid. I am the one People pretend not To notice.
I am a Realist, But also an Idealist, Because when the world is at its worst, That is when I am at my best.   One son, Was done, By two parents Of two colors  
  I am a seed I am planted and nurtured, carefully tended as I grow, there is no knowledge of what I will become, a beginning awaiting I am a flower
What am I if I think of this? What is this thought of mine? What was the seed that from this grew This budding vine of life?   Whose great hand that from we grew? Whose great lips that give us breath?
They laughed mocked and scorned me. Outcasted, ostracized from the people around me,  I may be quiet I may be meek but does not mean I am weak. Alone I am but successful I will become.
I fear that I am a mistake a mistake of God.. and one day He'll realize it, then I'll disappear. No one will notice, no one will care, some may even be relieved..
A school kid without any breakfast, Lended, In a trailer park without front steps, Rented, Mama told me that I better help paint it, Faded, After two years blue was a grayish, Pavement.  
I am lazy   Says the critic in me I'm too hard on myself   Replies my kinder side Maybe I can work harder?    My inner optimist chimes in But what's the point?    Asks my depression
Monsters By Camerin Jae   This smile plastered on my face No one knows I’m a disgrace.   Everything that’s inside Would make someone run and hide.
Spiritually, Abstract Gradient Thinker. I am pretentious.
I am the same I am like everybody else. We walk the same, talk the same, eat the same, speak the same. I am moving. I am leaving behind everyone and everything
Who am I? possibly the hardest question because there are infinitely many answers answers that may contradict because I am not simple then I realize I am not an answer there shouldn't be a question, "Who am I?"
My perimeter is nothing more than painted bricks and broken windows I am filled with nothing less than destructed pride and shattered ego Like rust on steel after an angry cloud's release  
A gentle tap on the shoulder Followed by a delicate smile. A poke in my side Followed by two. Shimmering blue eyes Stare thru. I was sitting on the floor in full clown makeup,
Loud sirens! I am scared. Police officers! I am four. Grabbing me! I am cold. What's happening? I am so tired. "A house is not always a home" I am somewhere... New clothes! I am warm. New toys! I am happy. New family! I am safe.
I am Me Who do you want to be? A pilot, a doctor, an architect  You can't be a pilot You can't see past the clouds You can't be a doctor You need to be smart to be a doctor
All of my unrealistic expectations were created by that explorer.  
I’m no Gandhi Newton or Voltaire I’m not brave or important I’m not pretty Good or sincere
I am a student. An aspiring engineer, a woman, a mere statistic. A minority at an engineering university, I like being this kind of statistic. I am a part time cashier.
So you want to know "who I am?" Well who I am, is more. It cannot be summed up in adjectives and traits. Who I am deeper than that.  I am MORE.
Cavern. Plic. An endless cavern. Plic. Plic. Upon first glance, there is only darkness. Plic. Plic. But to those who wait... To those who listen Plic.
When I was in physics class I learned that an object with any amount of mass can store up any amount of potential energy based simply on its height and the force of gravity.  
Happiness is when you're content with the world. Believing that whatever happens you will be okay.   I believe happiness comes from love, the love of others, of God from giving and recieveing.  
I am a mess so large others shy away from some want to clean me up but he sees me as a treasure hunt.   I am a puzzle yet to be completed with pieces missing
I am the dragon mother. My flames are so swift and searing They turn the glass ceiling to sand. In a land of coveted sons, Give me all of the daughters. I am the dragon mother.
I am not who I thought was I have done things without cause I thought I'd be smarter But I have been a martyr Simply standing for what is right No longer having friends in my life  
I am . . .  always striving always moving always reinventing myself always struggling to be individual, struggling to be mentionable
Every person has a story to be told.  Mine begins when I was sixteen years old.  I wanted a fairytale love, a happy ever after.  All I got was torture, misfortune and disaster.  I tried my best to keep him happy. 
I am flexible and strong because there is nothing that will get in my way. My mother would describe me as someone that is really funny in anyway. I wonder who I am sometimes every day.  I hear many ocean waves spray.
Who is to say what I am? Am I a girl? Well clearly, I am. Does that not make me a woman, Powerful and determined? Because clearly, I am. Am I my race? My heritage?
When a person looks at themself, all they see is the skin and all the basic features- eyes, ears, mouth, hair (or lack thereof). That's it. That's all.    And, that mentality in itself is a shame.
an icy fine powderthat made you lamentthe days spent twistedwarpedunder the false ideologythat manliness is to beconfided in yourdead father.  
The seems of my disguise burst at the seams Of simmering restraint. For, sun-like, beams The shadowed self through artificial means, Resplendent force that must demand be seen. To know myself by peering outside-in
I am lost in a sea of abandoned souls, I am homeless in a community, I am alone in a home of thousands, I am livid in a society that I did not ask for, I am dismal in a group of dancers,
Matthew Guerra I am the next best, Setter for Volleyball, but what makes me different, what defines me, there alot of thing that define but defintely not my looks, people may have the same talents,'
I used to be fragile. As light as a feather. As delicate as a dandelion.   I used to be lost. So unsure of everything. Never knowing which road was better to take.   I used to be afraid.
I, Yes I, chose to smile. It is today that I smile even though my past wants me to cry. It screams “You should know my pain.” but instead I shrug it off and sigh. We say that life is unfair,but instead we should ask where?
I am an iceberg-   Seemingly small in strength, but brimming with boldness and bravery
I AM I am strong
  I am the caramel that gushes out of the center of a Ghirardhelli Chocolate square, The man in the mirror with the sharp jaw, gap in his teeth and the kinky curly hair
I am but a mere quirk in the face of billions, shifting my way down on a path that shall leave me dispersed.     Times have shaped the outline of my brain, leaving me so estranged from the me of the past,
I Am numb. I bathe in despair every day. Just can not figure out why I feel this way. The old me was so outgoing, But what is so different now? My tears fall at the lone night hours,
People identify themselves by what they see, and who they are near. I must be violent, coarse and rugged, I must be angry, broke and thuggish,  I can't be forgiving let alone loving. 
What makes me... me? My past makes me My decisions make me My upbringin makes me My parents make me Whether it was growing up in a poor neighborhood, Having an empty fridge,
In the beginning of each year I tell myself I will do well Promising to do all my homework Never skip any class Turn in my work on time Be prepared
Heal my broken pieces Make my life brand new Take all my plans I give them all to you No more darkness I am in the light I will not stop until my soul is satisfied
Who am I? Well that's a loaded question that quite frankly begs a strict confession. I don't know and who does, I mean isn't that a journey that ends when you ascend up above?
A model for tee-shirts expected to be worn by stoners, Despite insulin being his only drug, Who’s told he resembles Mick Jagger. One who listens to tunes associated with razor blades, Yet remains unscathed.
I am not dumb I am not stupid I am not weird I am not useless   I am smart I am witty I am fun I am pretty   I am important
People often ask me You're Jewish? Yes, why is that so hard to believe? Is it because.. I don't have a big nose? Or perhaps it's the accent? Is it because I am Mexican?
I am FromI am from Sandy and Rugger, Kose and Jeanne, Eleanor and MelbaI am from where i stand now, from birth and never leftI am from bug filled summers and ice filled winters
I was a cosmic swirl stumbling blindly towards the sun, my dreamcatcher hands coming undone. I was anxiety assaulted. Between all that I was, I bacame. I now know what I am. 
To say what I am I must say what I'm not, I must ruminate first about the things I have fought.
I am... Going to prove the doubters wrong Going to do what I want to do Going to make my passion, my dream true I am... Working extensively hard Working every single day
Who am I? Well to answer your question I must first answer the question of what I am not
There are many ways that I can define me My major, my gender, or my history. Lets start simple, something easy. My major is definitive, it's Biology. I am a scientist at heart, a studier of the sea,
I am the the choice between right and wrong, I am the difference between night and day, I am the reason why my mom has been disappointed for so long,    
I AM bickering, slippery, flickeringA wave crested on a shore, rolling back to the unknownI AM shouting into the hands, the ears that hold my self.Smiling intuitively, fearful and laughing, I cry.
If someone asks you to 
From week to week and day to day I’m one who never knows quite what to say. When typing a paper or composing a text It’s not hard; I know just what is next, But when I’m surrounded by enemies and friends
I am... I am  one of a kind someone original  someone so fine different than others different indeed you will never find  someone like me I am tall and corky 
I am a numbers person. I am whole numbers, sometimes only fractions or percentages, and not always rational.
I am, I am, I am the leaky faucet of a bathroom sink, always being promised to be fixed I am, I am, I am a cold glass of water, hitting your teeth once you take a sip and making you cringe at discomfort I am, I am,
I began on a rainy, cold fall night. I was an ‘accident.’ The shaking hands and rage encompassed shock of my mother. The free money and sedentary existence of my father.
I am a listener, Awakening to the sounds of the day, Swaying to the whispering rhythms that no one else can hear, And feeling cool, like in awesome, with goosebumps on my arms.  
2 social service workers, 2 judges, 3 letters,  4 years, 4 recordings, 4 councliers 5 police officers, This is what it took for my freedom.   I was weak,  I was small,
I am polite and kind  I wonder  about my future  I hear unicorn's cry  I want to see Paris 
I am beach sand
La-la, la-la, la-la It is I, Adventruous, Ridiculous, Eccentric,
I am Growing up... Not such a good thing, in the eyes of others... A red headed little girl not living with her mother, not knowing her brothers,
I am
I am a percentage, I am the one out of four that suffers inside my mind I am the seventeen of one hundred born with darker skin
I am the beat of my heart fighting the wind of the fan at two in the morning   the heartbeat is a reminder.   whenever I'm dead because of the thoughts that often pop up
I Am…
I am a Christian I am a beautiful creation I am created to do things that are beyond my limits that are at a greater elevation than I am.
"Let me kiss away your pain" It's not that simple My scars are not visible But the cuts are deeper than any knife I don't let my struggle show  
I am bread. Beaten, Kneaded, Punched down, But I rise.   They try to stuff me into a mold.
I am more than color, I am a young female who is trying to make it, someone who is not out here trying to fake it, but the hope of one day to telling my baby girl I made it, I am more than color,
I am a Mother A woman of Faith I find my escape in God's great embrace I am a teacher In my daughter's ways Teach her right from wrong
I am a hyperpigmentation. An overdose of melanin. I am the aftermath of a merciless fire, and the darkness enveloping a starless night.
I am contradictive, Bitter, Ill tempered, But I am human. They don't see what's internal,
Without me you are lost With me you are found Without me you cannot touch With me you hear sound   You are nothing But closed eyes And dry lips I am something  
I am..  I am hopeful for my future  I am loving toward others  I am scared for our nation  I am trying to make a differance  I am...  The future
Please do not mind,I am one of a kind.I have my ways,I have my days.I get through things,that life brings.Learning new things everyday,
I am, the girl who walkes in the hallway, headphones in, head down, avoiding everybody.  the girl everybody always forgets about, the girl who used to be really smart but now cant make a grade higher than a C,
I am quiet I am shy Too shy for a 16 year old I keep my mouth shut And my mind loud If you speak to me I will speak to you I am not rude I am nice Too nice sometimes
I am a writer I am a musician I am an athlete I am many nouns But I am more than nouns I am tall I am compassionate I am hard to read I am many adjectives But I am more than adjectives
I am tired but I am not stopping here, I am growing weak but I know I am near.
I am cursive.
i am somebody yet i am nobody i am somebody yet another plain face in a crowd
I am loud in the presence of my brother But when it comes to the outside world I am quiet. I am soft. I am too quiet to Be noticed and not enough to be remembered I can remember the moments that took your breath
Sitting in the corner, stuck in wonderland Sipping coffee, black Stupid for pondering my religion Easy to entertain, amuse me please
i am not a tropical oasismy waves don't lap at your toeswhile you bask in a glowing sunyou can't retreat to a cool shadeif that's what you want i will not be your solace
I am the quiet music in the background That none can hear Unless they were listening for it I am the single drop of rain That a little girl will brush off her cheek
I am a smile that holds back tears. The suppression of pain. I am from banana bread and boiling water. A jack of all trades, Master of none. I am asexual, destined to be alone.
i have seen small limbsslide through the armholes of toddler sized shirtsand their knees bend into boxes without any work.my eyes have watched them flow through a rowof school desks without feeling the push of cold
I am crimson clouds and golden sunsets
I am not a superlative I won’t be remembered for one quality I have accepted that I am too much of everything I have qualities that interact with each other because of who I have met
I was at one point. Blemished. Broken. Bruised.
I am a leaf  A leaf that goes through the seasons of lonly and cold winters. A leaf that goes through perionds of gloom and rain. which is not something a leaf can complain 
I am Spring, 2013 You were in a coma Accidental drug overdose I felt like I died   I am Fall, 2013 Things got better For everyone but me You see, I got worse  
I am thoughts yet I am not,For how could thoughts be made to walk?How could thoughts be ones to speakWhen no lips they have to seal?People talk and people sayThoughts are what we are these days.
I am a voice for t
I am written. In words not many know. I am known by the font I type my stories with.
Identity is naught but illusion. It is fragile and fluid and fleeting. It encompasses a heart’s brief beating, And vastly differs among everyone.   Identity is seen in name and face,
I’m from my mother's cooking
I run my hand across the battered and worn cover,
Many people know the season But many people know not me I am more than your Instagram pictures Of your dog playing in the leaves   I am the purest of aesthetics Not for my face or my hair
I am a good old-fashioned girl. I knit, bake, sew, and crochet. My habits may seem backwards, But life is much simpler that way.   I am Modern. I take Pride In the way
I am someone that has hardships But doesn't everybody? What makes what they experience different from mine? What makes me different? I am someone that has overcome self-harm 
I am redeemed 
I am Kilah Onjelle Jacobs I am futuristic I am kind I am loyal I am who i want to be I am God's child I am a music enthusist I am Kilah Onjelle Jacobs  
I am shy. I am kind. I am broken. I am hopefull. I am loved. I am sometimes lost. I am easily stressed. I am beautiful. I am brave. I am Brooke Courtney. I am me.
I'm pretty fucking great. Pshh, you know what they say... Okay, so I didn't start that way. I started by living my life on the day-to-day, had no friends, but what could I say?
Skin. And beneath that, muscles. Nerves and vessels move between. Blood flows. Heart pumps. Legs and arms flex and relax. But is that me? Smiles, frowns, wrinkled brows. Laughter echoes.
I am a woman. I am not weak.  I am a woman filled with passion and desire.
It is not in my mouth As I expel warm life into the cold brass And feel it move through the neck to the bell It is not in my fingers As they move over the keys In rapid succession
I disappear esaily  I sneak up behind people  I reappear without notice I am quite I do not like talking I try to avoid people  I am shy I can play guitar I can play piano
I am a haiku. I am not what I once was. But change, change is good.
In a time that seems not that long ago, I wandered in the darkness. Life had finally came over me like a blanket of stress and pain, causing my very being to grow angry and hateful towards the world.
I am   I am Strong  I believe that i can get past anything
I am not your girl, I am not the skirt I wear. I'm me and only me.
Beautiful is the fall season The leaves turning color  Much like the person Autumn the season brings much change The wildness she brings when she rides into town with her steed
I am the Magpie. When Winter came, I flew South; “It’s warmer there,” they said. Will I ever see my home again?   When Winter came, I flew South, But I will return home in the Spring.
I am not the paper cut on your finger
     I’m a self expressed maniac The calm before the storm
I am persistent.I lift myself up with prayer and positivity.Though life may have it out for me--trying to force me to my end-- I simply can't let that befor I am strong.
I am me a simple kind of thing I am rich in not the funds you see but family and friends. and in the end to me all that matters is I'm who I want to be a simple kind of thing I am me.
I am of my own breed To be unique Is not a passion, To be unique comes and never leaves, To be unique is always with you, To be unique moves with me, like the seas.   I am of my own breed
I am my own two cents. When I hit the ground runnin' the devil says, "Oh shit!" Never bite my tongue while I'm chasing the setting sun. Because it ain't over 'til I say its done.   I am my biggest enemy.
I was created Full of many quirks and flaws And I'd never change
Who am I? I am a roiling boiling ocean Of magma Lying just beneath the surface Of an active volcano. I am emotions: Good feelings Relief, caring, compassion, Joy Bad feelings
I am the cup of ramen noodles I keepforgetting to take out of themicrowave. I am the orange juice that spills on a fourteen hourinternational flight. I am the mint plant on the windowsill that only thrives
I am confident and inquisitive.
I am not made up of DNA I am made up of gold. I am not made up of anything besides the strength I possess and precious metals Therefore nothing can break me down  
Hurdles and crossroads, I have been through it all. The deep depressing moments, when I thought i had ruined it all.
I am a kid I hear the noises of my friends I see the actions of others and try to figure out what they mean I say what I believe I love the simple things in life I am 17   I am a teenager
  I am me, its all I care to be. Never wih the in or outcrowd, my name does not have to be loud. Content in all that i do whle helping humanity too. Living without reason, enjoying every moment and season.
I am What makes me I am I am means something to be I am something Something great and inspiring Something bad and forgotten Thats make me "I am"  
A child of the Master  Of the universe Reflection of the flaws  of society  In a vessel that was  wonderfully  and fearfully made In an image of perfection Manipulated
A child of the Master  Of the universe Reflection of the flaws  of society  In a vessel that was  wonderfully  and fearfully made In an image of perfection Manipulated
I am from the mistakes made in my building’s floor tiling, The roofs I was never allowed up on. The roof I went on without asking anyone’s permission. I am from the sun reflected on the Hudson,
They said "You can't." so in return I thought "I cant."  They said "You aren't." so in return I thought "I'm not." I pulled up my tights and I leaped onto the floor.   The music got loud 
i'm everywhere i'm here  inside, out, around  i decide  i do  i will  be the best  because  i'm here  i'm everywhere i am who i am 
I am a spectacle, a one-woman circus, a lion on a leash. I have always been caught somewhere between dare devil and professional, but when it comes to speeding down this road called life,
Soon they’ll be sitting me down in cold metal chairs, wearing their sanitized hazmat suits. They keep a layer of protection between us and them, afraid I might be dirty.
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I am   made of stardust, so science recognized.   Grandules measured by two sets of metaled hands.   My mind a split open galaxy, bleeding
Things have changed We're not the people we were yesterday The rules have been rearranged and difficult to keep plain.   We're more than sugar, spice and everything nice
I am the wind, gentle and soft My dogs, fighting like tigers My brother, wild as a monkey I am me and no one else I am the bees buzzing around I am a puppy, playful and silly I am me and no one else
Acrostic Me: Talented Animated Young Loving Extraordinary Random
Why I write Makes me who I am I write to escape I write to jam But mostly I write To express who I am Creativity stifled in sentences, paragraphs But I will not be shut down Colorful I am
I am clever and funny I wonder why the world goes round I hear the sound of birds singing from heaven I see the future I want to met Justin Drew Bieber I am clever and funny
I am the best person the world has to see I am the only person I know, for that is the I and the me I am the most determined person when I have to be I am a brave person who has the courage to lead
i am i am no longer a child i became a man i see all i see the truth about all you did to me everyone else was dumb enough to follow your lead you chose pride over me you chose power over me
I am not a poet I think each stanza should rhyme But I'm not good at rhyming So poetry is freestyle to me Writing like this makes me feel like a poet But I'm not
I am the sun, the stars and everything in between I am the bird that flies away, with a promise to return I am the thought in your head, the one that knows, Knows what you regret, and what you’re proud of
I am a voice of power, a light of trust, a code of mystery, a spell of magic placed in this world. I wonder why evil witches cast malicious spells on the others.
I am the Student, Who passes every class. I am the Girl, Whose love never lasts. I am the Hobo, Who begs for food. I am the Blind Man, Who hears few. I am a Killer,
I am water. I wonder where the current will bring me, and I hear the rumbling rapids approaching. I see my course is uncertain, and I want it to flow like music. I am excited for the future.
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