How Can...

How can one word define infinite possibility.

How can one sentence define a future. If it were up to me

I would write a book. 

A feature length film. 

A memoir on the lives of each of us. 

Each soul has a story. 

Each story should be told,

Inscribed in every book; every piece of nonfiction to be written.

Lives change. 

People change. 

Become great; become poor. 

Perhaps I have too much dedication

in humanity. To us as a single being. 

Can lives be defined as such? No. We are our own persons. 

We make our own changes. 

These changes affect us, affect you, affect me. 

Whether we realize

Or are left without knowing.

As the world turns, I live my life in wonderment. 

Who will I be?

Will I make a change? 

Does the world need me

As her change? 

One day

I may wake up. 

And know. 


As I think of the possibilities. 

The futures others have led. 

Who I am now,

And who I may become; 

How can I be sure? 

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