I AM... The Dragon Mother

I am the dragon mother.

My flames are so swift and searing

They turn the glass ceiling to sand.

In a land of coveted sons,

Give me all of the daughters.

I am the dragon mother.

My wings spread wide

And I covet the treasure of sovereignty.

Sovereignty over my ideas,

My body,

My sexuality,

My opinions.

I hide away in the caverns of my own attitude,

And let double standards find shelter in my teeth.

I am the dragon mother.

My roar is thunderous.

Let every man with armor tremble in my presence,

When I open my lungs and scream awakening.

Let him raise his sword to cut my mind,

And he will burn.


I will not be silenced.

My scales glitter,

Because I am beautiful and tough.

I am the dragon mother.

A dragon does not live to the standards of sheep.



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