About the Author

I am a spectacle, a one-woman circus, a lion on a leash.

I have always been caught somewhere between dare devil and professional, but

when it comes to speeding down this road called life,

I am a five-year-old without a booster seat much less a seatbelt.

I am a beat up journal of poems screaming all the reasons

I cannot stay in this book anymore.

I am a dot to dot artist who doesn't know how to color in the lines, yet

I refuse to let constellations define who I am.

I am a walking depiction of the phrase "think outside the box" because

my heart is constantly beating out of my chest, brushing against my sleeve, and

leaving drops like stars falling to earth.

I am worth so much more than this world may suggest.


I am not my height, my weight, my shoe size.

I am not my GPA, my license number, or any value other than one.


I am one face in the crowd.

I am one voice out of many

trying to tell you who I am.


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