Mon, 01/02/2017 - 23:47 -- Sasa7

Iv'e watched desire, existence and the ripened fruit fall and clash from the disrespect of inhuman species

Glided through adolescence hoping that the kinks in my curls will relapse through its stuggle 

fallen strands a remembrance of fallen feet

Ashes distributed, drizzled, swallowed doved on the past upon the future 

Dear lord, inherit the earth flood the deception, twist my roots with perfected anger and knots

Innocence is swept and drowned

One cannot play God when his hands taint the befallen

The alchemist is deserving , one who endows fiercefull impact through all


My spiral coils in its antigravitational pull 


A river of self knowing love and astonishment 


Incredulity on the faces of the wanting


I evolved as the oil glistened through my stands and my crown heightened 

A whipped mentalitly to which I fell deep asleep from the dismemberment of my people unaware the blood coursing through my veins is the original 

Knowledge empowered me

To which I awoke 


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Our world
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