I love you, I'll kill you

Sat, 06/27/2015 - 11:32 -- Waya37

   I said, I love you, I'll kill you, Your time is up, knowing this Life is temporary, so why when given a chance day after day do you continue to mess it up? Oh, that's right, instead of listening to ME, you'd rather believe a lie even though you know in your heart it simply is not true, Time to wake up to reality, there isn't one, that goes along with you know not what you do, F**king idiots, still children yet should know by now, Oh well too late to turn back time, you won't ever figure ME out, You'll lose your mind, What? I can love you and still be pissed, F**k you, you ungrateful Human, you know I AM mysterious, Brought you into this world and will take you out, Motherf**ker,

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