I is in

To stray away from home and those that pose the threat. Throw away all shame and start a path and win with no regrets. Is this a sham, a trick of the mind, or the follies of my imagination? What an option? A delivery of news with good that out weighs and feels better than the anticipation of the lotto just waiting to be accepted by me. Not you, him, her, or them but me, myself, and I. That's it. That's pride. That's the trophy called self seclusion. Only one way in through the door of my soul. And who holds the key? Who can pick the lock that delves into a place so rich and vicious with endurance and self drive? It could be this heart but not just any heart. A heart so huge taking in all the naive and nay sayer's words of wicked. Sculpting, twisting, and molding into the tool behind the success, the joy, the life, and the ups that used to be downs. I is in. Me is where I meets.

This poem is about: 
My community
My country
Our world


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