I am

I am the sun, the stars and everything in between
I am the bird that flies away, with a promise to return
I am the thought in your head, the one that knows,
Knows what you regret, and what you’re proud of
I am the first time you wrote your name
In that toy cluttered classroom in kindergarten
That first time you connected the dots to form your identity
And spent the rest of your life, figuring out what it is
I am your first steps when you were 11 months old
With dad running around to get the video camera
The smile you gave to your parents that said “look what I did!”
And they encouraged you and praised you,
Like it wasn’t something that everyone else did
I am the tears in your eyes when you see
Why and what and how and when
Is this life, or maybe an illusion
Like the ones with never ending stairs
Never ending dreams,
Never ending


MVP-Most Valuable Poet

great way to define yourself through metaphors
great job in expressing your poem
keep writing-im a power poetry mentor

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